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Powerplay Issue 196


Powerplay Issue 196

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We sit down with Roger Glover to talk about Deep Purple’s brilliant new album ‘InFinite’. Nathan James gives us the inside track on Inglorious’ beautifully classic rock sophomore outing, Arjen Lucassen geeks it up on new album ‘The Source’, and Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett goes all country on his solo album. Also this month we talk Robin McAuley and Michael Schenker about working together again, plus Scott Stapp tells us about the latest supergroup offering from Art Of Anarchy and there are interviews with Steve Hackett, Sinner, Brother Firetribe, Lee Aaron, Labyrinth, KXM, Memoriam, Imminence, Crazy Lixx, Black Diamonds, The Raven Age featuring Steve Harris’ son George, and promoter George updates us on this year’s Masters Of Rock festival


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia


Anthrax, Winter’s End Festival, Trivium, Firewind, The Answer, Sikth, Manimal, The Raven Age, Jimi Anderson Group, Crossfire, Scar Of The Sun, Black Cat Bones, Shvpes, Epitaph.


Inglorious, Black Diamonds, Imminence, Sinner, Suicide Silence, Toxpack, Crazy Lixx, Chris Shiflett, Invidia, Vicinity, Adrenaline Rush, Brother Firetribe, Obituary, KXM, Noctiferia, Emerald, Evocation.


Labyrinth, Deep Purple, Vexine, Ember Falls, Pontiak, Lucid Dream, Loathe, Art Nation, Immolation, Dyslexic Postcards, Letters From The Fire, The Rainbreakers, Dreamshade, Stormhammer, The Raven Age, Brightlight City, The Ossuary, Death Is Liberty, Dirty White Boyz, Brothers Osborne, Freeze The Atlantic, 88 Mile Trip, Sumo Cyco, Hyperion, Loud Guns, We Saw Worlds Collide, Wolfpakk, Treat, Darko, And Then She Came, Primal Attack, Body Count, Stefanie, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Wormwood, Royal Thunder, Angel Martyr, Omnisight, Fight The Fight, Aldaria, Art Of Anarchy, The Obsessed, Holocaust, Blood Youth, Veridian, Reliks, Freedom Hawk, Ghost Season, Wolfheart, King Of Asgard, Myall-Lake, Pat Travers, Rotten Mind, The Riven, Breath After Coma, Tommy Vitaly, Hunter Kill Hunter, Bonafide, Electric Age, Vampire, Wretch, Double Crush Syndrome, Catch Fire, Forming The Void, Last Leaf Down, Athorn, Crnkshft, Demonic Death Judge, Bonesteel, Tragedy, Treekillaz, Hetroertzen, Regulus, MUCC
The Dahmers, Temptation’s Wings, Downtown Association, Neverfall, Annihilator, Jack J Hutchinson’s Boom Boom Brotherhood, Helion Prime, Everyday Sidekicks, 4LT, The Vicious Head Society, Bob Young, Patrons, Vukovi, Junius, Heart Attack, Selfmachine, Mercy Isle, Impalers, Dirt Box Disco, 1 In Five, Heartbanger, Sammy Berell, Maidavale, Coffeinne, Quiet Riot, Silver Story, Bloodclot, Scarved, Frantic On March, Mortiis, Booze And Glory, Lunar Shadow, Elbrano, Holy Martyr, RIP, Druids, Lock Up, Grumpynators, Carnival Club, Thormesis, Psycho Kiss, Pulled Apart By Horses, Valfreya, Jetboy, Blackened Symphony, Stormage, Those Who Knew, 5 Rand, Jon Lord, Trial, The Devil In Faust, Leathermask, Bartosz Ogrodowicz, Smash Into Pieces, Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters, This Gun For Hire, Krissy Matthews, X Japan, Sainted Sinners, Solitary, Silver Temple, Aversions Crown, Social Stain, The Hero, Twentydarkseven, The Ayden Jacobs Band, Razzmattazz, Erja Lyytinen, Fairytale, Fugitive, Mercury Rain, The David Neil Cline Band, Fading Sunday, Deez Nuts, The Beat Farmers, Dead Of Night, Sawthis, Pink Pussycats From Hell, Anomalie, All Else Fails, Lovell’s Blade, Immortal Machinery, Fractal Universe, Chontaraz, Satan Takes A Holiday, 10 Rogue, Entity Of Hate, Iron Reagan, Life Of Agony, Heavy Tiger, Don’t Try This, Miozan, Tokyo Blade, Ninteen Fifty Eight, Speedwhore, Virgin Steele, Vatican, Between The Buried & Me, Big Wreck, Thrash Bombz, Ministry, Destroyed Society, High Tides, The End Begins.

Issue 196
Powerplay Magazine Issue 196
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