Issue 194

Powerplay Magazine Issue 194

Powerplay Magazine Issue 194

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Avenged Sevenfold shocked the world with the unannounced release of their surprisingly progressive seventh album, ‘The Stage’. We met up with Matt, Zacky and Syn to find out more. Thunder take the rock rule book and ‘Rip It Up’, plus Michael Kiske tells us about the new Place Vendome album and the much anticipated upcoming Helloween reunion tour. We also talk to Black Star Riders, Grave Digger, Edenbridge, Pain Of Salvation, Battle Beast, Jim Jidhed, John Garcia, Beth Hart), My Dynamite, Unleash The Archers, Horisont, Sticky Boys, Tokyo Motor Fist, 1000mods and teenage blues rock sensation Aaron Keylock.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Korn, Saxon, Magnum, Marillion, Airbourne, Bullet For My Valentine, Volbeat, Europe, FM, Delain, Evergrey, Lordi, Skillet, Anathema, Billy Talent, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage, Gojira, Fastway, Limp Bizkit, Girlschool, Lynch Mob, The Dead Daisies, The Answer, Clutch, Dare, Graham Bonnet Band, Chrome Molly, Bernie Marsden, Kobra And The Lotus, Vega, Blues Pills, Scorpion Child, Crobot, Whiskey Myers, Electric Boys, Truckfighters, Like A Storm, Red Sun Rising, Shiraz Lane, John Wesley, Jared James Nichols, Titanfest, Dope, Eskimo Call Boy, A Thousand Horses, Purson, Hate, Federal Charm, Aaron Keylock, Noctem, King King, Kadavar, V0id, Thundermother, Unleash The Archers, Valient Thorr, Forever Still, Bad Touch, Chantel McGregor, Against Me!, Lionize, Young Guns, Anticlone, Beth Hart, Cane Hill, Broken Witt Rebels, Palisades, Deville, Stray Train, Simo, Colin James, Genus Ordinis Dei, Isarnos, The Bad Flowers, Kings Of Chaos, Hoodoo Operators, Formicarius, Silver Dust, Milk Teeth, Her Name In Bloo


Thunder, Xandria, Grave Digger, Pain Of Salvation, Mors Principium Est, My Dynamite, Sticky Boys, Place Vendome, Black Star Riders, Horisont, Esperoza, Edenbridge, Tokyo Motor Fist, Battle Beast, Burning Point, Unlruly Child, Tim Bowness, Fragile Things, Hemina, Sede Vacante.


Gotthard, Al Atkins, Kilkovec, Magnum, Betraying The Martyrs, Elixir, Deserted Fear, Cnoc An Tursa, Black Anvil, Jon Lord, Solitude, Johnny Deathshadow, Riff Through Time, Red Mesa & Blue Snaggletooth, 1000mods, Mindahead, Inire, Taifa, Richie Ramone, Black Oak County, Frontback, Booby Trap, Park Sipes, Aaron Keylock, General Lee, Lionville, Awooga, Ranger, Upon A Burning Body, Turbo Shokk, Daffodil, Bugenhagen, Kreator, Castigator, Carved, Riviere, Lamb Of God, 25 Yard Screamer, Dead Frequency, Flidais, Uli Jon Roth, Beyond The Black, Minotaurus, Vesen, Go Primitive, Mother’s Cake, Lord Vigo, Captain Ivory, Apollo, Beyond Recall, Craenium, Mark Zero, Myr, Anam ‘Kara, Rani Chatoorgoon, Asphalt Horsemen, Dommin, Jim Jidhed, As Lions, Falls, Overkill, Malacoda, Ohio Knife, Popa Chubby, Niterain, Conceived By Hate, Chrome Molly, Vermilion Whiskey,
Construct, Lancer, Eddy Malm Band, Degrees Of Truth, Brieg Guerveno, Akoma, Stone Ship, Burnt Out Wreck, Seasons, AC Angry, Roxin’ Palace, Wheel Of Smoke, Lionize, Astray, Retro Youth, Ventenner, Livesays, Oximora, Cosmoblack, Pitch Black Process, Devils Envy, Torture Of Hypocrisy, Cruel Season, Eternal Deformity, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, Syron Vanes, John Garcia, Vulgar Devils, Anvision, Detoxed, Firstbourne, Bridger, Altered Shade, Rush, Bowling For Soup, Fangclub, Aborym, Warrior Soul, Shattered Systems, Hollow Water, Mantra, Magnet, V/A AFM 20th Anniversary, Gov’t Mule, Era Decay, Alan Parsons Project,
Armored Saint, Slychosis, As The Sun Sleeps, Lynch, A Sun Traverse, Endfield, Blind Saviour, Wretched Soul, Wolf’s Hunger, Krokus, Elysian Gates, Steel Rangers, Hollywood Groupies, Liturgy Of Decay, King Colobus, Light The Skies, Malignant Tumour, Touchstone, Jeff Healy, Cadaveria/Necrodeath, Tower, Dhark, Uriah Heep, Serpentyne, The Vigil, Heart Avail, Exploding Head Syndrome, Sonic Winter, Roxxie Dee, Scoparia, Vanishing Life, Th3 Climb, Distant Sun, Above The Skyline, Bleeker, A Basket Of Mammoths, Avenford, Magnuson, Tragic Cause, False Reality, Trivium, Words Of Farewell, Doug Shea & The Circle Of Quiet, Voodoo Terror Tribe, Experienced?!?, Inquiring Blood, Hamerex, Vanik, Jack Russell’s Great White, Skyliner, Red Cain, Threefold Maze, The Ullulators, Circle Of Dust, The Donnas, Sweet Mary Jane, Raven’s Gate, Krepitus, Wars, Sauron, Glory Daze, Three Lane Road, Black Star Furies, Victorious, Perc3ption, Once Human, Powerwolf, Into The Storm, Invisible Mirror, Guillotine Dream, Detective, Workhorse Iii, From The Kuiper Krow, Naked Star, Macaria, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Mystic Prophecy, Daxx And Roxanne, Of Mice & Men, Enslaved, Elf, Projekt Mensch, Taken, Beltane Fire, Sepultura, X-Panda, Homebound, Oracles, The Black Crown, Four Heart Revival, Black Sites, Root, Hms Keelhaul, Stratovarius, Diamond Head, Obzidian, The Stranges, Starset, Walking Dead On Broadway, Ancestral, Chronos, Blameless.

Issue 194
Powerplay Magazine Issue 194
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