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Pushing up the daisies, the dead ones, new band members John Corabi and Doug Aldrich share their thoughts on life in the ‘collective’ that is The Dead Daisies and rave about latest album ‘Make Some Noise’, a “fun, no-frills, kick-ass rock and roll record.” Sabaton delight us with their historically themed, epic eighth album, 4ARM’s Danny Camilleri, Teramaze’s Dean Wells and Jon Dette from Slayer, Anthax, Testament and Iced Earth join forces in new band Mesiaak, Delain finally come of age with their fantastic new album, ‘Moonbathers’, and Mistheria brings Vivaldi crashing into the 21st century with a modern metal make-over. Also this month we talk to Fates Warning, Soilwork, Twilight Force, Palace, DGM, 9Electric, Mos Generator and Palace Of The King.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul.


Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Download Festival, Czech Metal Fest Open Air, Stone Free Festival, Uprising Festival, Rock The Arena Tour, Foreigner, Joe Bonamassa, King Diamond, Testament, Tom Keifer, Devildriver, Dan Reed Network, Tarja, Whitford/St Holmes, Frost*, Angelwitch, Savage Messiah, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Act Of Defiance, The Membranes, Kiama, Broken Teeth.


Delain, Tarja, Sabaton, The Dead Daisies, Vivaldi Metal Project, Dgm, 9electric, Witherscape, Old Corpse Road, Elm Street, Palace, Slow Season, Carnifex, Jinjer, Crobot, Heavenwood, Misteyes, Skillet. Power Cuts Cadillac Three, Dare, Gene The Werewolf, The Pineapple Thief, Bleeker, Electric Fence, Psychoprism, Kissin’ Dynamite, Stone Kings, Sludgehammer, Rival Karma, Brain Distillers Corporation, Equilibrium, Stand Alone, Monolithe, Baptism, The Embodied, Diabolical, Chapter And Verse, Brymir, Despite, In Requiem, Seasplash, Systemhouse33, Preacher, Crimson Fire, Grim Comet, Barb Wire Dolls, Gary Hoey, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Hammercult, Buckshot Amber, Bloody Hammers, Astral Doors, Comet Control, Oceans Of Time, Astrakhan, Safeside, Monument Of A Memory, A Tortured Soul, Magick Touch, Voodoo Highway, Greyhaven, Third Voice, Shadowrise, The House Of Ghosts, Devil Gone Public, Imperium Dekadenz, Cruzh, Skeleton Wolf, Forgotten Remains, Hammers Of Misfortune, Harakiri For The Sky, Karmakanic, Lightsabres, Centinex, Sol Sistere, Akani, Jolly Joker, Septicflesh, Max Navarro, Aeges, Deadloss Motherfuckin Superstar, Dark Quarterer, Black Crown Initiate, Ticket To The Moon, Jbo, Evan, Debauchery Vs Blood God, Volymian, Skin Drone, Perihelion, Yossi Sassi Band, Metorana, Sonik Death Monkey, Boyfrndz, Run Liberty Run, Arkhaven, The Strutters, Garden Of Surgery, Thousand Foot Krutch, Tempt, Sinsilencio, Ashbringer, Foghound, Freitod, The Fall Of Troy, War Curse, Blacklands, Amphetamin, Graham Bonnet, A Devil’s Din, Bloodmother, Ghost Warfare, Black Dragon, Monsterworks, Curse The Fall, Mgm, Revolution Within, Gov’t Mule, Zodiac, Thrawsunblat, Meshiaak, Paradise Lost, Midway Still, Black Hole Raven, Revocation, Heavy Glow, Shadow Hunters, Farewell, My Love, As Sirens Fall, Wishing Well, Hangar, Kamikaze Kings, Blue Sky Theory, King Company, Stuck Mojo, While Sun Ends, Departed, Hereandnow, Fear Theories, Temtris, Inquisition, Raging Speedhorn, In Dynamics, Countless Skies, Outright Resistance, The David Cross Band, Visionary, Bun E Carlos, Nothing Lies Beyond, These Hands Conspire, Cybernetic Witch Cult, Thy Worshipper, Dream The Electric Sleep, Red Dawn, The Judge, Valient Thorr, The Holiday, Deep Winter, Family, (Hed) P.E., Hammerjack, Terraform, More Than Monkeyz, Stormtrooper, Feared, Assignment, Periphery, Miss Rabbit, Zaedyus, Still Living, Tony Wright, Evig Natt, Lanfear, Widow, Capsize, Terrorway, Heavenwood, Third Ion, 16, Heretic, Conquer Divide, Ten, Your Favourite Enemies, Spellcaster, Salem’s Pot, Billy Talent, Soilwork, Sinsaenum, Twilight Force.

Issue 189
Powerplay Magazine Issue 189
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