Issue 187

issue 187

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John Rzeznik shares his positive vibes about the wonderful new Goo Goo Dolls album, ‘Boxes’. We bring you our usual in-depth round-up of the best of the festival action this summer and boyond, plus we celebrate the 20th anniversary of AFM Records. We talk to Dan Reed about the exciting return of his Network after a couple of decades away, and Scott Holiday tries to explain why the new Rival Sons album is so damn good. Peavy Wagner talks about post-Smolski Rage and there are interviews with Harry Hess about First Signal, Ken Hensley, Gojira, Scorpion Child, Frost*, Sunstrike, Dan Patlansky, The Order Of Israfel, Golden Grass, and Cristina Scabbia talks about the return of Lacuna Coil with a fresh line-up and a beautifully dark new album


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia.


Iron Maiden, Journey, Santana, The Darkness, Primal Fear, Ken Henseley, Behemoth, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, The Ginger Wildheart Show, Metal Allegiance, Monster Truck, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Tigertailz, Butcher Babies, Dirkschneider, Sumo Cyco, Crossfaith, Ashestoangels, Buffalo Summer, Tax The Heat, Lilith And The Knight, The Qemists, Marina Edoff, Versechorusverse, Heck, Our Propaganda, Dirt Box Disco, The Scaramanga Six, Last Great Dreamers, Odd Rival, Cairo Son, The One Hundred, Tropical Contact, Spyder Byte.


Rival Sons, Dan Patlansky, Sixx:Am, Volbeat, Dan Reed Network, Goo Goo Dolls, Stitched Up Heart, First Signal, Sunstrike, Lacuna Coil, Liveevil, Katatonia, Flotsam And Jetsam, Iron Savior, Vardis, 10 Code, Visionatica, Frost*, Lonewolf.


Filter, Tigertailz, Planet Of Zeus, Bonfire, The Order Of Israfel, Motorhead, Pretty Little Enemy, Balflare, Rebaelliun, Glorior Belli, Vampyromorpha, Blaak Heat, Jorn, Waco, Chris Ousey, Myrath, Moth’s Circle Flight, Gojira, Magnolia, This Year’s Ghost, Rebelhot, Ragdoll, Forever In Depths, Withem, Universe217, Holy Dragons, Nervosa, Fausttophel, Khasm, Black Strike, Beaumont, Gypsy Chief Goliath, Godwatt, Mindshift, Ulysses, The Flux Machine, Wo Fat, Blasted To Static, A Rebel Few, Tiles, Dakesis, Lizzies, Cleanse The Hive, The Rack Doll, Bright Curse, Inallsenses, Lamori, Poverty’s No Crime, Erevan, Ensiferum, Dominanz, Mortillery, Switchtense, Polar, Highrider, Robin Trower, Lord Vicar, Catalina Shortwave, Novembre, Shot Of Hornets, Vinyl Hero, Agresiva, Edu Falaschi, Patriot Rebel, Still Square, Sons Of Sounds, Forged In Black, Ballsdeep, Making Monsters, The Hyena Kill, Lucis Absentia, Warfect, Kreator, Black Peaks, Spell, Primitai, April Wine, Human Zoo, Druknroll, Suns Of Thyme, Alma Encriada, The Glorious Rebellion, The Joystix, Senton Bombs, Hot Hell Room, Carmyn, One Last Run, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Black Fate, Illdisposed, Beyond God, Mason Hill, Mutterlein, Suidakra, Enthean, Pyramido, Grave Digger, Degen, The Defibrillators, Savior From Anger, Wildways, Rich Robinson, Ex Animo, Rusty G’s, Ferium, Dead Letter Circus, Drakwald, Maxx Out, Black Absinthe, Lyallen, Boudain, Shotgun, Rampart, Susan Aquila, Sunrunner, Six Feet Under, Scolopendra, Candlemass, Arkhe, Vexxes, Burn The Ocean, Negacy, Buffalo Summer, The Dues, Words That Burn, The Levitation Hex, Damon Johnson, The Silent Rage, Winterhorde, Backflip, Summer City, Skyclad, Chalice & Crown, Not Today, Imperial Jade, Utmarken, Jade Vine, The Order, Isolert, Blackrain, Desert Dragon, Rainbow, Griever, Torpedohead, Running Wild, Syren City, Tenth Amendment, Band Of Skulls, Constraint, Waste Pipes, Vandallus, Harbinger, Skold, Satyricon, Space Elevator, Bad Company, Human Fortress, Gamma Ray, Braindamage, Sleep Of Monsters, Belvedere, Jeff Angell, Death Lullaby, Sanzu, Cirrha Niva, Whispered, Helhorse, In Mourning, Rapheumet’s Well, Witchwood, Paradox, Pleasure Addiction, Deep Purple, Dirty Action, Slot, The Black Explosion, High Fighter, Vulturic Eye.

Issue 187
Powerplay Magazine Issue 187
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