Issue 185

Issue 185

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Never short on words, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider talks about the upcoming final tour for the band, as well as their warts ‘n’ all documentary DVD, and he explains how none of it would have been possible without the championing efforts of Lemmy. Blaze Bayley brings us the opening chapter in his fantastic new three-disc sci-fi epic, the revamped 3 Doors Down line-up soothes us with their smooth rock melodies, Reckless Love go all Euro-pop on us, Cherie Currie talks about her antics with a chainsaw, Metal Church return with Mike Howe at the microphone, and let us introduce to you to The Defiants, featuring Danger Danger’s Bruno Ravel, Paul Laine and Rob Marcello. Plus we talk to Treat, Caliban, Spiritual Beggars, Imperium, The Last Vegas, American Head Charge, InnerWish, Mob Rules, Crisix, and we have an update from promoter George about Masters Of Rock festival.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul.


Thunder, Slipknot, Helloween, Terrorvision, Symphony X, Exodus, Xandria, Vixen, Reckless Love, Rage, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Suicidal Tendencies, Kataklysm, Cadillac 3, Serenity, Aiden, Septicflesh, Aborted, Dan Baird And Homemade Sin, Tesseract, Santa Cruz, Inglorious, Lost Society, My Silent Wake, Sikth, King King, Whiskey Myers, Melted Space, Myrath, COP UK, Bad Pollyanna, Temperance, The Contortionist, Quantice, The Ali Clinton Band, Never Found, Curran, Incinery, Ashes To Angels.


Treat, Blaze Bayley, 3 Doors Down, Spiritual Beggars, The Last Vegas, Metal Church, Innerwish, Paradigm, Reckless Love, Penumbra, Caliban, Mob Rules, Shiraz Lane, Rebecca Downes, Walls Of Jericho, Ecliptica, Sacrilegium, Thunderstorm, Sarke.


Rob Zombie, Angelseed, The Resistance, Zakk Wylde, Lola Stonecracker, American Head Charge, Greenleaf, Sinbreed, 4 Bajo Zero, The Qemists, Blood Ceremony, My Silent Wake, Artillery, Inishmore, She Must Burn, Oranssi Pazuzu, Beastmaker, Profuna Ocean, Gutter Candy, Birth Of Joy, Violent Revolution, Izegrim, Red Eleven, Separation Of Sanity, Moonsorrow, Toseland, Gudars Skymning, Game Zero, Crimson Star, Thornbridge, Axevyper, Ondt Blod, Mayfair, Factory Brains, Kiama, Mangrove, Small Pond Big Fish, AOR, Heartlay, Anger As Art, Beholder, Antillia, Craigh, Eric Bell, The Ever Living, Black Magic Fools, Back Pocket Memory, Gin Lady, The Blackmail Snaps, Ragnarok, Boy Jumps Ship, Drive, She Said, Arrayan Path, Hällas, Elyria, Cairo Son, Poem, Dynazty, Mystic Prophecy, Wicked Maraya, Neronia, Digimortal, Steve Nimmo, Darkrise, Obscura, Desert Mountain Tribe, Mördwölf, Mortiis, Sinistro, Blood Youth, Martyr, Sanktuary, Stone Broken, High Hopes, After Apocalypse, The Coathangers, Mr Riot, Thunder Lord, The Phoenix, Bear Makes Ninja, Lightsucker, Sifting, Sancho Panzer, Imperium, Criminal, The Road Vikings, One Man Boycott, Rory Indiana, Big Steel Shit, Graves At Sea, Aelement, Draugnim, Enzo And The Glory Ensemble, Dark Rain, Catalina Shortwave, Razorbats, Onslaught, Ashby, Striker, Pil & Bue, Love Frame, Dirty Judas, Star Crystal, Sebas Honing, Obsidian Kingdom, Paragon, Devotion, Buffalo Theory MTL, Suns Of Stone, Highway, City Of Ashes, Bifröst, Zippo, Crisix, Hardholz, Girugamesh, The Wildwild, Helldown, Blacklist, Sonic Temple, Bonehawk, 5 Way Addiction, The Defiants, The Accuser, Destructor, Album, Centrilia, Structural Disorder, Like Animals, Godslave, Heretic’s Dream, Heat Of Damage, Sam Alone And The Gravediggers, Lutece, The Shiva Hypothesis, Rebel Mistress, Dark Oath, Tears From Venere, Saxon, Drenalize, Behoover, Clan, Split Heaven, Ravensire, Port Noir, Heel, Human Fortress, The Comets Of Doom, Pearl Handled Revolver, Maze Of Terror, Plutonium, Massive, Moon Curse, Hot Coffin, Endogenesis, Bloodbound, Trevor’s Head, Wounded Cross, Tess Of The Circle, Van Halst, Ninja, Kill The Kong, Rimfrost, Therapy?, Savage, Mantar, Rotting Christ, Smell My Pillow, Tarchon Fist, Entropia, Boss Keloid, Tane Cain/Montrose, Dax And Roxanne, The Raven Charter, Defecto, Golden Caves, Grimner, Vodun, Beseech, Eleventh Hour, Joe Bonamassa, Overlord SR, The Whiskey Poets, Ashestoangels, Necronomicon, The King Is Blind, Saga, COP UK, Story, Dellacoma, Status Quo, Demise Of The Crown, Neverworld, Rich Robinson, Lou Siffer & The Howling Demons, Hammer Fight, Thunder, Soon, Black Bay, The Dowling Poole, Playing With Punkarella, Danko Jones.

Issue 185
Powerplay Magazine Issue 185
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