Issue 184

issue 184

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Hot on the heels of their headlining performances on the Carnival Of Madness tour, we catch up with Black Stone Cherry to discuss their rambunctious new album, ‘Kentucky’. Victor Smolski strikes out from Rage with his own new band, Almanac. Circus Maximus coax us with their melody filled third album. Spiky front woman Skin reminds us why Skunk Anansie are as relevant as ever. Still desperately hoping that the original line-up of Venom will reform? Tony Bray says that it won’t and dishes the dirt on why. Also this month we talk to Magnum, Killswitch Engage, Ricky Warwick, The Treatment, Last Autumn’s Dream, Headspace, Sunburst, Bombus, and Tainted Nation, plus we introduce fantastic fresh band The New Roses and chat to Phil Collen about his revealing autobiography.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia.


Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, Halestorm, Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, Therion, The Temperance Movement, 3 Days Grace, Venom Inc, The Sheepdogs, Motionless In White, Luciferian Light Orchestra, Enforcer, Cats In Space, Purson, New Year’s Day, Warbringer, Cauldron, We Are The Ocean, Exmortus, Ego Fall, Imperial Age.


Circus Maximus, Rick Springfield, Almanac, Megaherz, Electric Guitars, Headspace, Infernal Tenebra, The Tips, Bombus, Billion Dollar Babies, Rage, Textures, Anvil, Sunburst, Black Stone Cherry, Last Autumn’s Dream, The New Roses, Lords Of Black, The Unguided, Killswitch Engage.


To The Rats And Wolves, Tainted Nation, Theander Expression, Rizon, Conrad Keely, Rotting Christ, Amon Amarth, Entombed AD, Sanguine, King Zebra, Shotgun Justice, Fatal Impact, Norhod, Undawn, Catch Fire, Black Forge, Zlang Zlut, Echelon, Dirty Streets, Postcards From Arkham, Redemption, Exumer, Modern Bronze, Dear Delusion, Fall, Aghast Afterglow, Omnium Gatherum, Seven Steps Of Denial, Royal Republic, Twins Crew, The New Black, Bigfoot, Worry Blast, Unlimited Addiction, Inlegend, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arabrot, Supersuckers, Lacey, Hangover Subject, Diamond Head, Temple Of Lies, Destroyers Of All, Scanner, Gehennah, El Caco, The Cringe, Delain, Eternal (Of Sweden), Colour Of Noise, Iron Bastards, Frozen Ocean, Dethrone, Lift The Medium, Childrenn, Holocaust, Yndi Halda, F-Units, Midori And Ezra Boy, Thinline Sid, Burden Is Burning, Cold Chisel, Cirith Gorgor, Rush, Na2ral Born Killers, Years Young, Churchhouse Creepers, Drenalize, Product Of Hate, Across All Oceans, Protector, Nahum, Mondo Drag, Maessorr Structorr, Nasty Ratz, Anthrax, Utopia, Mad The Martian, Holy Grail, Arcane Symphony, Last Frontier, Ginger, All Hail The Yeti, Emil Bulls, Latitudes, Atmospheres, Aborted, Strittmatters, The Young Hearts, Axe Crazy, Akasava, Proll Guns, Elarmir, Lazy Bonez, Mothership, Second Rate Angels, Rage Of Angels, Lost Society, Armor Of God, Austaras, GWLT, Chalcedony, Sanktuary, Voivod, Ozone Mama, Silver Snakes, Wheel In The Sky, Cauldron, Day Old Hate, Weatherstate, Adept, Infinite Silence, Shivers Addiction, Black Cobra, Orymus, Jetbone, Ascendor, The Kendolls, Margins Of Society, Tarot, Yashin, Anticosm, The Neptune Power Federation, Windfaerer, Fuzzgun, Desert Suns, Black Tusk, Degradead, Tragik, Toto, Mars Red Sky, Tyler Bryant &The Shakedown, Darker Half, Endless Recovery, Ensight, Leap Day, Apherium, Alien Syndrome 777, Temple Of Switches, Sonic Distortion, Within Hate, Mahidevran, Yonder Realm, Elevators To The Grateful Sky, Amiensus, Since Ever, Arcana13, Todtgelichter, Rhyn, Section A, On The Open Road, Marionette, Fireleaf, Better Than Never, Dancing Crap, Grieved, Jaded Eyes, Seven Shots From Sober, Genus Ordinis Dei, Temisto, Alcatrazz, Chased By Captives, Sarasin, Vanir, The Veer Union, Mountain Tamer, Comedy Of Errors, No Rules, Oceans Of Slumber, Hellhikers, Votum, Ossicles, Shades Of Sorrow, Ensight, Purson, Mindfield, Mammoth Mammoth, Kaipa, Lendevi, Septagon, Spirit Adrift, Blues Karloff, Ripper, Diatessaron, Sharky Sharky, Seventh Veil, Lags, State Of Collision, Soto, Dream Death, Sleepy Hollow, Royal Hunt, Nonsense, Sicphorm, The Treatment, From Ashes To New, ODD, Bridge To Mars.

issue 184
Powerplay Magazine Issue 184
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