Issue 182

Issue 182

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Dave Mustaine raves about his new crew members and gives us an insight into the creation of furiously fantastic latest offering, ‘Dystopia’. One of our favourite supergroups, Voodoo Circle, return with their scorching, hard rocking fourth album. We also talk to another two top flight collectives, Winery Dogs and Phantasma, plus Steelheart main man Miljenko Matijevic gives us a rare and in depth interview. Also in conversation this month are Status Quo, The Temperance Movement, Khymera, Saint Asonia, Solution.45, Manimal, Major Instinct, Find Me, Signum Regis, Psychopunch, and September Mourning. Plus we find out why Cats In Space in such a cool band name and we list our top 50 albums of 2015.



AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul.



The Darkness, Cradle Of Filth, Fall Out Boy, Overkill, Opeth, Glenn Hughes, Michael Monroe, Gun, Delain, Foghat, Symphony X, Steve Hackett, Devin Townsend, Fates Warning, The Winery Dogs, The Gentle Storm, Enslaved, Grand Magus, Hardcore Superstar, Jared James Nichols, Riverside, Chantel McGregor, Chase The Ace, Wolf, Ne Obliviscaris, Enforcer, Amberian Dawn, The Biters, The Jokers, Sanctuary, One Machine, Kremated, Grave Pleasures, The Sixxis, Lion Shepherd, Dynamite, A Forest Of Stars, Versechorusverse, Harikari For The Sky, Trident Waters, She Must Burn, Designs Of Chaos, Mountains Grave.



Megadeth, Last Days Of Eden, Voodoo Circle, Otargos, Major Instinct, Forever Still, Blood Red Saints, Stormbringer, Horizons Edge, Cage, The Grim, Ephyra, Devation, Phantasma, New Device, Eradikator, Psychopunch, A Sound Of Thunder.


Power Cuts

Dragony, The Temperance Movement, Signum Regis, Onelegman, No Bros, Vastum, Strands Of Reason, Australasia, Hercules Morse, Random Hand, Spock’s Beard, Whitechapel, Harem Scarem, Steaknumbereight, Black Rain Again, Fjällfolk, One Year Delay, Hegemon, Claus Hassing, Zgard, Rose’n, Aethernaeum, Steve Cichon, Edgar Winter, Fearless Vampire Killers, Fuzziebär, Koen Herfst, Ice Age, Turbo Lovers, Crippled Black Phoenix, Kampfar, Dorje, 1968, Gamma Ray, Ashes To Ashes, Reverence, Ektomorf, Asylum Pyre, The Heavy Eyes, Atomic Symphony, Close Quarters, As Darkness Dies, Benesser, Skythen, Saffire, G13 Band, Equator, Silentline, Zentaura, Necroblaspheme, Jeff Brown, Tiebreaker, These Wicked Rivers, Deville, Octanic, Melted Space, Vantablack Warship, Jameson Raid, Guardian, Gone By Tomorrow, Last One Standing, Culture Killer, The Scars Heal In Time, Blindcat, Solution.45, Ragdoll, Ghost Machinery, Sorcerer, Unseen Faith, Jared James Nichols, Honeymoon Disease, Firespawn, Crossrock, Malevolents, Hoax Bane, The Fall Of Eve, Herald, Khors, Athena’s Word, Tilted Shadows, Insanity Proof, Joe Stump, Slow Season, Mammoth Storm, Saga, Dreamslave, Unherz, Naked, Idols Of Apathy, Silent Snare, Abigail Williams, Never Found, Intechnicolour, Bad Polyanna, Slient Knight, Simulacrum, Find Me, Torchia, Darkness Light, The Molten Crown, Horyzon, Jimm, Delayed Departure, Escape The Fate, Joel Beazer & The Fast Lane, Status Quo, Diviner, Frail Sincerity, Saint[The]Sinner, Embassy Of Silence, Born Of Osiris, Martina Edoff, James Stevenson, Tank, Véhémence, Saint Diablo, Sovereign Council, Fallen Arise, Blynd, Alcatrazz, Atorc, Demons Of Old Metal, Dba, Diablo, Alpha State, Hills Have Eyes, Zoner, Dear Delusion, Bostok, Flying Colors, The Burning Crows, Terminus, Blëed, Atrorum, Tommy Grasso, Certo Porcos, Girlschool, Gonoreas, Chastain, Luke Gasser, White Lion/Jeff Paris, A Thousand Horses, Monolithe, Saga, War Agenda, Circle Ii Circle, Aurora, The A.X.E. Project, Sofy Major, Praetoria, Enforcer, Ivanhoe, Cypher16, Charing Cross, Devil In Me, Opeth, Heylel, Brothers Of Sword, Evertrapped, Graveshadow, Danzig, Hidden, Weeping Silence, Hellspray, Gods Of Eden, Saint Asonia, Kernkraft, Khymera, Whiskey Ritual, Khadaver, Homewreckr, Oceans Red, The Nightwirest, Isurus, Devilstrip, Reject The Sickness, Moonshine, Dark Sky Park, Return From The Grave, Bevar Sea, Enemo J, Corrections House, Redwire, Resin, Manimal, Scorpions.


Issue 182
Powerplay Magazine Issue 182
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