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Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell talk about Def Leppard’s new self-titled album, a release so good that they claim it might just rival ‘Hysteria’. We chat to the ever colourful Benji Webb about Skindred’s riotous new album, Frank Shermann tells us about his new band with Michael Denner and reveals that a Mercyful Fate reunion is likely, plus there are interviews with Trivium, Devin Townsend, Vanden Plas, Avatarium, Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall, Gentleman’s Pistols, Gama Bomb, The Jokers, Radio Exile, Waken Eyes, Speaking The King’s, and new west coast supergroup Champlin Williams Friestedt.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia.


Foo Fighters, Motorhead, WASP, Powerwolf, Cheap Trick, Iggy Pop, Ugly Kid Joe, The Wildhearts, Spock’s Beard, Orden Ogan, Xandria, Royal Blood, Rich Robinson, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Adler, Tim Bowness, Eldorado, Bigfoot, Baby Chaos, Hey! Hello!, Synaesthesia, Special Providence, Hailmary, Richards/Crane, The Frankleys, Improvizone, Nerve Toy Trio.


Def Leppard, Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall, Bauda, Amberian Dawn, The Winery Dogs, Skindred, Gamma Bomb, Chuggaboom, Speaking The Kings, Junior, Mercutio, Waken Eyes, Intronaut, Devil You Know, Denner/Sherman, Champlin Williams Friestedt, Housebreaking.


Lifeline, Swallow The Sun, Harlott, Horrendous, Billy Sherwood/Michael Monroe, Teramaze, Chemia, Ambush, Atomwinter, Draconian, The Manic Shine, ‘77, Flight, Sivyj Yar, Anderson Ponty Band, Speaking In Shadows, Godsleep, The 3rd Attempt, Dream State, Ten, Twitching Tongues, Christian Mistress, Mindless Sinner, Dirty Thrills, Press To Meco, Eisregen, Darkyra Black, One Day Waiting, Methodica, Electric Six, Mord ‘A’ Stigmata, Trancemission, Nuclear Detonation, Black Breath, Void Of Sleep, Deadheads, Macbeth, Old Man’s Will, Moonbow, Murashita, Alfahanne, Wasted Shells, Kickin Valentina, Kitchen Witch, Path Of Samsara, Ram, Quor, Seamount, Memento Waltz, Reverbed, This City Limit, Daylight, Lucifer’s Child, Aron Scott, Fit For An Autopsy, Boysetsfire, Innfight, Black Tide, Soldiers Of Fortune, Delta Saints, Secret VI, Orkan, Davy’s Gripp, Enfeeble, Saxorior, Darkness Light, Absolva, Chron Goblin, Enticer, VLY, Transport League, Joe Louis Walker, Bodyfarm, Ureas, Psyco Drama, Dead Memory, Hercules Morse, VI, Various Artists, Implore, Greydog Legion, Manegarm, Satan’s Satyrs, Shiraz Lane, Zardonic, Resolution 13, Bernie Tormé, Shining, Counting Days, Nitritt, Everyday Sidekicks, Sailing To Nowhere, La Horde, Last Joker, Power Theory, Lowburn, Across The Abyss, Great Collapse, Cairo, Novelists, Graal, Morass Of Molasses, The Hell, Mirror, Black-Bone, Mantric, Vreid, A.C.O.D., John Taglieri, Rebellion, Creature, Barbarian Fist, The Meads Of Asphodel/Tjolgtjar, Stormy Atmosphere, Q-Box, Millennial Reign, Hotei, Threshold, The Tirith, Vanden Plas, Light Years, Dead Soul, Charlie Wheeler Trio, Millarium, Echoes, The Ward, Dearist, Clark Lane, Wucan, Heimdalls Nacht, Kerion, Bishop Lake, Trinakrius, Vermillion Road, All Hell, Le Butcherettes, Lost Atlanta, Open Wire, Overkill, Silver Mountain, Hatred, Deep Purple, Sons Of Texas, Perihelion, Revocation, Voodoo Vegas, With The Dead, Bleed, The Shrine, Federal Charm, Cats In Space, Grave Digger, Nekyia Orchestra, Styx, Testosteroso, Jono, Stellar Master Elite, Saviours, Temple Of Baal, Santana & Mclaughlin, Rip Haven, Burnin’ Pope, Armed Cloud, Blitzkrieg, Varg, Thirsty, Windhand, Tangerine Circus, Gold, Pagan’s Mind, Steve Hackett, Radio Exile, Enuff Z’Nuff/Mr Mister, Melphomene.

Issue 181
Powerplay Magazine Issue 181
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