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Steve Harris talks to Powerplay about Iron Maiden’s most ambitious record to date, the fantastic double-disc ‘Book Of Souls’ and says that it’s unlikely to be their last. We catch up with Brent Smith and Zach Myers to talk about the spellbinding new album from Shinedown, undoubtedly the best melodic hard rock album of 2015, plus Queensryche explain why they sound better than they ever have, and Black Lawless delves deep within himself to share his innermost thoughts about the religious-themed latest WASP outing and why he’ll never play ‘Animal’ again live. We also interview Ugly Kid Joe, Children Of Bodom, Stryper, X Japan, Huntress, Atreyu, Graveyard, Satan, Thundermother, Caligula’s Horse, and COP, plus we talk to Whitesnake’s new six-string wonder Joel Hoekstra.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul.


Van Halen, Bloodstock, Queensryche, Halestorm, Misfits, Armored Saint, Death Angel, Santana, Saigon Kick, Grand Funk, Slunt, Nervosa, Alesana, Space Elevator, Loveless, Wretched Soul, JD And The FDCs, Creeper.


Shinedown, Joel Hoekstra’s 13, Iron Maiden, Annihilator, Avatarium, Stryper, Hanging Garden, Chantel McGregor, New Years Day, Derange, Tesseract, Ohrenfeindt, The Summit, Gentlemans Pistols, Between Waves, Children Of Bodom, Huntress.


Trivium, Queensryche, Caligula’s Horse, Malevolent Creation, Reds’cool, Exit 31, Free From Sin, Die Krupps, Satan, Redlizzard, Martin Barre, Obscene Entity, Koritni, The Dear Hunter, Heart Of A Coward, Ugly Kid Joe, A Course Of Action, Kodiak Jack, Crisalida, Inner Odyssey, Voodoo Hill, Slayer, Halo Tora, Grave, Diabol Boruta, The Raptor Trail, Krysthla, Kezia, Phantom Mask, We Hunt Buffalo, Black Trip, Masters Of Metal, In Twilight’s Embrace, The Dead XIII, City Of Thieves, 21octayne, Bloodway, Stormgrey, Loaded Gun, Rusty G’s, Golden Void, Nightfell, Nonexist, Blessthefall, Simple Lies, Clutch, Bad Solution, Beyond The Break, Chaos Frame, Shadowkiller, Saxon, Orange Outlaw, Psychophobia, For Today, Black Sunday, Planks, The Spitfires, Telergy Druknroll, Acid, Morbid Slaughter, Magister Templi, Black Sand, Full Trunk, Downers, Mayze, Sexy, Casablanca, Vicious Rumors, Adligate, Elasea, Forest Field, Southern Fried Genocide, Implexi, Zebrahead, Them Teeth, Godslave, Hiraeth, Arallu, Wild Child Silent Jack, Blackdrawn, Chelsea Wolfe, Domiantion, Fierce Justice, Black Majesty, King Heavy, The Jokers, Crimson Sun, The Poynt, Wrong Ways To Pass Through, The Bones, Splintered Halo, Human Desolation, Cerebellion, Death Dealer, Devil’s Dice Burnerhead, Mustasch, Walk In Coma, Pinkish Black, Evil Blizzard, 42 Decibel, Ohmwork, Rage, Antropofago, Buried In Verona Bohemian Lifestyle, Sonny Jim, Crossing Edge, Third Eye Blind, The Alarm, Scissortooth, Space Mirrors, Skraeckoedlan, Shadow Flag, Wolfmother, Buckcherry, Ryker’s, Future Talk, Speedtrap, V/A – WA Mozart Reincarnated, Myrkur, Hell:On, Black Temple, Deathstorm, Shadow Gallery, Indian Handcrafts, Matalobos, Dogbane, Eisregen, Toadstool, Promethee, Ian Toomey, Motion City Soundtrack, Caspian, The Spirit Cabinet, Greybeards, Eofe, Juul, Richards/Crane, Lachrymose, Burntfield, Dark Witch, Buried Voices, Spark The Sail, Tsjuder, Losung, Kylesa, Abandoned Dreams, Kaiserreich, Vesperia, De Profundis, Saga, Destiny Heroes, Mosfet, Bliksem, Sebastien, Styx, Sacred Oath, Nergard, Thorne, Fates Warning, Live At Least!, Terrible Old Man, The Maension, Månegarm, Donovan Wolfington, Gloryhammer, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Gorod, Le Zets, Nad Sylvan, Perfect Wig, St. Prostitute, Exquisite Ending, Three Elements, 88 Mile Trip, Burn The Iris, Wederganger, Lost Atlanta, Stahlsarg, Monster Magnet, Fenrir, Cop.

Issue 180
Powerplay Magazine Issue 180
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