Issue 179

Issue 179

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The cigarettes and JD Coke may be gone, but Lemmy’s lust for life and love of performing hasn’t, as the seemingly immortal metal legend reveals. Geoff Tate tells us all about his new band Operation: Mindcrime and offers his take on the implosion of Queensryche. Vince and Nikki talk to us about the definitely absolutely very last Motley Crue tour ever. Dino Cazares reflects on the 20th anniversary of Fear Factory’s ‘Demanufacture’. Plus we interview Blackmore’s Night, Stratovarius, Leaves’ Eyes, Amorphis, Flotsam And Jetsam, Riverside, Newman, The Sword, Tad Morose, Metal Allegiance, Mad Max, Jared James Nichols, thrilling new band Art Nation, and Tracii Guns talks about his new supergroup Devil City Angels.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts.


Masters Of Rock Festival, Ramblin’ Man Fair, Rockstar Mayhem Festival, SOS Festival, Whitesnake, Rob Zombie, Korn, X Japan, Soulfly, L7, Bulletboys, Tracii Guns’ LA Guns, Dendera, ICON, Snot, Sunflower Dead, The Threat, This Is Turn, Designs Of Chaos, Killer Bee, Forged In Black, One Fell Down.


Art Nation, Blackmore’s Night, Soilwork, Dead Lord, Operation: Mindcrime, Leaves’ Eyes, Stratovarius, Amorphis, The Sword, The Bloody Nerve, Riverside, Gehtika, Soulfly, Soulline, Nine Miles South, Tad Morose, Inaeona.


Magic Pie, Nile, Stala & So, Dystopia Na, Diemonds, Raise Hell, The Blacklist Union, The Devil Wears Prada, Ramming Speed, Metal Allegiance, Sweat Lodge, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Funeral Horse, Black December, Horisont, Istapp, V-Anger, Fallen Angels, Archemoron, Homebound, Ozone, Soulthern, Ecstatic Vision, We Came From Wolves, Ahab, WASP, Newman, Michele Campanella, Rivers Of Nihil, Koshiro, Datura 4, Molten Trail, Left Lane Cruiser, Magellan, The Black Dahlia Murder, Stilla, Radkey, Diatessaron, Graveyard, Eat The Gun, Riwen, Orchid, Celestial Son, Deathwhite, Resurrecturis, Stahlmann, Mad Max, Zero Verdict, Gamma Ray, The Night Flight Orchestra, Screaming Eagles, Elyose, Angellore, Kyrbgrinder, Polarized, Hibria, Rise To Fall, On Top, Backyard Babies, The Fuse, She Must Burn, Enthring, Limb, POD, Ego Likeness, Forklift Elevator, Rotting Christ, Violentor, Saga, Sonic Prophesy, Neshiima, Lucifer’s Friend, Unite, Recluse, Bullet-Proof, Imperial State Electric, We Were Wolves, Harrow, In Vain, The Long Escape, Helligators, Disarmonia Mundi, The Oath, Thundermother, The Morganatics, Ossicles, For All Eternity, Neal Morse, Deepshade, The Bastard Sons, Archaea, Shrapnel Storm, Stormzone, MUCC, Veonity, Soldier, Failure, The Dear Hunter, Opensight, Bullrun, Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics, My Hollow, Devil City Angels, Tarja, Enabler, Powerplay, Evra, Yonder Realm, Zephyr, Pavilion Rouge, Best Years, Carnal Agony, Iron Kingdom, Hammercult, Gyze, Neo Prophet, The Vision Ablaze, Steel Raiser, Stone Angels, Cella ‘Door, Expenzer, Sacrilege, Maiden United, The Decline, Dieversity, Kyy, Landmarq, Skogen, Take Over And Destroy, Skin & Bone, Pentagram, Man The Machetes, City Boy, Hammerhead, Aeveron, Tracer, Florian Grey, Various Artists – Tony Iommi Tribute, The Dreaming Tree, Blurred Vision, Jack Dalton, Skinless, Jackson Firebird, Darchon, Christina Martin, Witchsorrow, Cathedral, Alfahanne, Sonick Plague, ZFL, Dead Of Night, Loud At Least!, Exarsis, Agent Fresco, V/Vega, Sunshadows, End Of Daze, Ted Nugent, Lightning, John Wetton, John Wetton & The Les Paul Trio, Kali Yuga, My Dying Bride, Motorhead, Splintered Halo, Audiotopsy, Powwow Rock Orchestra.

Issue 179
Powerplay Magazine Issue 179
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