Issue 178

issue 178

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We expected big things from the latest Lamb Of God album, the first since Randy Blythe’s prison term, and the Virginian metallers have exceeded those expectations with brilliant new offering ‘VII: Sturm Und Drang’. Dani Filth waxes lyrical about the state of the world, Paul Dianno tells us how excited he is to be writing and recording new songs again with his fantastic new band, Architects Of Chaoz, and George Lynch talks about Lynch Mob’s cool new album. There are also juicy interviews this month with Royah Hunt, Gus G, Spock’s Beard, Ghost, Bulletboys, Xandria, Between The Buried And Me, Skintrade, and Dark Sarah.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Titanfest, Czech Metal Fest Open Air, George Thorogood And The Destroyers, Exodus, Coal Chamber, Girlschool, Crucified Barbara, We Are Harlot, Dope, Triaxis, Beth Hart, English Dogs, Brian Setzer, September Mourning, GV1, King King, Exxxekutioner, Hat Fitz And Cara.


Royal Hunt, The Murder Of My Sweet, Ghost, Spock’s Beard, Lamb Of God, Gus G, Praying Mantis, U.D.O., Blizzard Hunter, Fear Factory, Designs Of Chaos, Eureka Machines, Cattle Decapitation, Godsticks, To Die For, The Other.


Lynch Mob, Kingcrow, Skintrade, Xandria, Osukaru, Degreed, C.R.O.W.N, Mother Misery, Zeni Danussi, After All, Johhny B Morbid, Heavens Gate, Myrah, Edge Of The Blade, Russkaja, Chronos, Corpsia, Forrest, Bad Touch, Pendragon, Calm For The Restless, Strongheart, Officium Triste, Hungryheart, Mike Tramp, Voron, Empire Of Fools, Make, Hevilan, Sacri Monti, Elephant Riders, Naïve, V0id, Tomb Of Finland, Eva Plays Dead, Abattoir, The Bunny The Bear, Lost Reflection, Nihilosaur, Dead Existence, Ribozyme, Daycare For Jedi, Savatage, Black Space Riders, Straight Line Stitch, Universal Theory, The Fiend, Jupiter Falls, Romans, Anuryzm, Cuprum, Heyrocco, Paola Pellegrini Lexrock, Elements, Sweetalk, Foreigner, Butcher Babies, O.D.I.O., Antonio Pantano, Necrophor, Mizantropia, Torrential Thrill, The Ghost Next Door, Klogr, Ygodeh, Conquest, 1Q94, Loveless, Debauchery, Mriya Zhyttya, Echoes Of Eternity, Arch Stanton, The Fabrockators, Turbocharged, Metalorm, Alustrium, Fogg, Bleed The Skye, Ohhms, Doctor Doom, Act Of Defiance, Pyogenesis, Mandowar, Sin Of Night, Spearfish, Godgory, Big Big Train, Killing Tyrany, Prophets Of Saturn, Templeton Pek, Nuclear, Obsession, Midway, Svärta, Whitemoor, Sorority Noise, Parallel Minds, Nordland, Smash Hit Combo, Lofft, Damn Dice, Tony Banks, Kadavar, Egonaut, Dead And Stoned, Curse Of The North, Sacrilege, Adastra, 4bitten, Scarnival, Bobaflex, Bone Gnawer, Coldseed, Transience, Jungle Rot, Rusty Pacemaker, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Dancing Flame, Charles In The Kitchen, Renaissance Of Fools, Jeff Fetterman, Baxnug, Dagoba, Sal Vitro, Battlecross, Shardborne, Ebony Wall, Manegarm, Immortal Guardian, American Fangs, Unsafe, Tim Bowness, Framby And Wörner, Monster Sound, Sinister, Archer, Ulysses, Goatsnake, Fight Amputation, Xenofanes, Kissing Candice, Mendeed, Pupura Ink, Undercover Devil, Siren, Terror, My Silent Wake, Disorder, Last Avenue, District 97, Harmorage, My Life’s Despair, F.O.E.S, Soul Secret, Bulletboys, Chris Caffery, Melissa Etheridge, Valous, Electric)Noise(Machine, Lothlöryen, Pop Evil, Toxovibora, Cut Up, Starborn, Krisiun, The Antichrist Imperium, Mercy Brown, Year Of The Goat, Slash, Kataklysm.

Issue 178
Powerplay Magazine Issue 178
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