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powerplay magazine issue 177

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Rapidly rising to the top of the power metal pile, German riff masters Powerwolf prove that they are ‘Blessed & Possessed’. Symyphony X blast us into the ‘Underworld’, while Joe Satiani hits us with a ‘Shockwave Supernova’ and we take a stunning ride with Virgin Steel on their first new album in five years, ‘Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation’. Also this month we talk to the reformed Rock Goddess and the returning Frank Dimino, plus the delightful Caterina Nix tells us all about working with Timo Tolkki on his fantastic new project, Chaos Magic. There are also interviews with Art Of Anarchy, Triaxis, Wilson, Graveworm, Burning Point and youngsters Next To None.


Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul.


Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, UFO, Sabaton, Joe Lyn Turner, Lordi, Theory Of A Deadman, Kix, UDO, Satyricon, Devin Townsend Project, Uriah Heep, Blues Pills, Periphery, Orpahned Land, Pat Travers Band, Robin Trower, The Temperance Movement, The Cadillac Three, The Compulsions, The Shining, Anneke van Giersbergen, Stream Of Passion, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Dan Patlansky, Reds’Cool, Death Penalty, Blurred Vision, Confess, Benighted, Cancerous Womb, Hollywood Groupies, Oslo Faenskap, Dirty Passion, Devilskin, Ten Ton Mojo, Abhorrent Decimation, Nihilism Incarnate.


Symphony X, Chaos Magic, Powerwolf, Cradle Of Filth, The V, Graveworm, Triaxis, Wilson, Virgin Steele, Crystal Ball, Joe Satriani, Abnormal Thought Patterns, Jimmy Lardner-Brown, Lioncage, Full Devil Jacket, Jaded Star, Dimino.


Kamchatka, High On Fire, Burning Point, Dew Scented, Arcane Saints, Kelly Keeling, Dendera, Shape Of Despair, Trapeze, Being As An Ocean, Estrella, Ol Drake, Lotta Lene, Ommatida, Ash, Wallenberg’s Whiskey Hell, Bowhunter, Razzmattazz, Titan’s Eve, Soley Mourning, Wearing Scars, Borealis, Eternal Journey, August Burns Red, The Exploding Eyes Orchestra, Feral, The Endeavour, W Angel’s Conquest, Kadavarik, Grusom, Akasava, Wrathage, Ashbringer, Kastasyde, Eskimo Callboy, Ashtar, We Never Learned To Live, Retrace The Lines, Arsis, Sinatras, Black Belt, Never A Hero, Vattnet Viskar, Prowler, System Horizon, The Mentulls, Pro Pain, Mojorose, Thunder And Blitzkrieg, Iron Savior, Chainsheart, Glowsun, Corpore, Conclave, Dommin, Divine Rebellion, Next To None, Fear Is A Liar, Death Alley, Fairy, Feared, Rebel Punk, Aetherial, Gorgoroth, A Light Within, Nocturnal Depression, Spiritual Beggars, Saturnian Mist, Biters, Voice Of Ruin, Monster Jaw, Distant Sun, Sigh, The Citizen, Wizard, Caustic Method, Push, My Victim, Inquisition, Victorian Halls, Master Massive, Siriun, Exorcism, Deer Blood, Skip Rock, I.C.O.N, Superheaven, Dan Deagh Wealcan, JD Overdrive, My Last Solace, Billy ‘The Bat’ Clements, Sterbhaus, My Refuge, The Lidocaine, Montrose, Broadside, Pungent Stench, Edge Of Paradise, Artaius, Black Diamond, Over The Effect, Silverchair, Architects Of Chaoz, Various Artists – Dio Tribute, Dokken, Platinum Brunette, Perzonal War, Casvadell, Sunlight, Myon, Mutoid Man, Ereb Altor, August Redmoon, Yes, Thornesbreed, Feisty Piranhas, Royal Quest, Rival State, Galileo’s Ghost, The Resistance, Fried Okra Band, Bison Machine, The Legendary, High Road Easy, Azavatar, Withering Soul, Camel Of Doom, Inner Sanctum, The Dropper’s Neck, Bloodlost, Anzi, Tormenter, Chalice, Kaipa, Graveworm, Injector, Mr Pollack, Thunder Rising, Fall Of Carthage, Darkology, Switchblade Jesus, Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus, Heartbreak Remedy, Evolvent, Doomsday Outlaw, Even Twice, Sideburn, Sonja Perenda, Between The Buried And Me, Demon Lung, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Establishment, Archangel, Orpheus Blade, Unleash The Archers, Hinder, Starquake, The Survival Code, The Ugly, Dejanira, Vanhelga.

Issue 177
Powerplay Magazine Issue 177
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