Issue 176

Issue 176

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Roll up, roll up, it’s festival time again. We talk to Kiss about their headlining Download Festival appearance this month. We also bring you our annual festival preview to help you choose from all of those must-see events. Helloween prove why they are still the kings of the power metal genre that they invented on new album ‘My God-Given Right’. Hard working Mark Tremonti strikes gold again with his second solo outing, Luca Turilli shows why his version of Rhapsy is the one that you should be listening to, Paradise Lost evoke memories of their early highlights on their newbie, Leprous wow us once gain, as do Pyramaze, and we talk to the returning Hirax, Sirenia and melodic rockers House Of Lords. Plus we chat to Jon Bush about the latest Armored Saint album, Jean Beauvour tells us all about his new offering with Crown Of Thorns guitarist Micki Free, and we welcome the return of White Sister legend Dennis Churchill Dries.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul.


Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, UFO, Sabaton, Joe Lyn Turner, Lordi, Theory Of A Deadman, Kix, UDO, Satyricon, Devin Townsend Project, Uriah Heep, Blues Pills, Periphery, Orpahned Land, Pat Travers Band, Robin Trower, The Temperance Movement, The Cadillac Three, The Compulsions, The Shining, Anneke van Giersbergen, Stream Of Passion, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Dan Patlansky, Reds’Cool, Death Penalty, Blurred Vision, Confess, Benighted, Cancerous Womb, Hollywood Groupies, Oslo Faenskap, Dirty Passion, Devilskin, Ten Ton Mojo, Abhorrent Decimation, Nihilism Incarnate.


Pyramaze, Paradise Lost, Beauvoir/Free, Armored Saint, Skyforger, Tremonti, Three Days Grace, Michael Bormann, House Of Lords, Karma Violens, Coal Chamber, Adremelch, Helloween, Hammerking, Haar, Nashville Pussy, Artizan, Leprous, Jupiter.


Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Art Of Anarchy, The Lounge Kittens, Heathen Foray, Six Feet Under, Asia, Cold In Berlin, Demonical, My Sleeping Karma, Adelita’s Way, Third Ion, Backjumper, Seasick Steve, Magnolia, Red Spektor, Miss Vincent, We Like Humans, Harmony, Mutiny On The Bounty, Feanor Omega, Palace Of The King, Ape Machine, I Am The Trireme, Schammasch, Romeo’s Daughter, E-Force, Conduit, Inme, Tau Cross, Sirens In The Delta, Drifting Sun, Entrails, Raveneye, Satan’s Wrath, Chip Dimonick, Overloud, Entropy OAC, The Atomic Bitchwax, Ancient Rites, Throw The Goat, Outre, Shattered Sun, No Man’s Land, Xul, Tony Mills, Points North, Worldview, Millencolin, Thurisaz, Alcoholator, NG26, Obsequiae, Lucifer, Trixter, Bullet Train Blast, Mist, Schwarzer Engel, Hot Mama, Irreversible Mechanism, Atkins May Project, Karnataka, Babylon AD, Entail, Deathblow, Encyrcle, Demon Eye, Acid King, Black Book Lodge, Thy Art Is Murder, Graveyard Johnnys, Helfir, Stormlord, Bitterness, Zatokrev, Dirt Box Disco, Bloody Harvest, Ad Nauseam, All Tomorrows, Nightmare World, Valborg, Exxiles, Ereb Altor, Luciferian Light Orchestra, Orakle, Oblivious, Defy All Reason, Freedom Call, Obsolete, Brother Ghost, Red Halo, Nightschock, The War Within, Woodbridge, Hollowmind, Sullen, Cloud Maze, The Idol Dead, Shield,, The Great Discord, Melodious Deite, Poison Idea, Inquisition, Faces Of Eve, Signum Regis, Klone, Iconic Eye, Puttin’ On The Foil, Accept, Driftglass, Hadal, Status Quo, Afterglow, Nekrogoblikon, Fault, Smile And Burn, Dark Void, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Guardians Of Time, Civilian, Zebrahead, Hanoi Rocks, Riverdogs, Eddie Money, Die Kur, Potergeist, Immension, Within Silence, Ben Cote Band, Ninkharsag, Tengger Cavalry, Cave Of Swimmers, Sea Of Disorder, Blackwelder, Alter Eden, Corrosion, Thrust, House Of Atreus, Beautality, Shawn James And The Shapeshifters, Impalers, Mordecai, Will Haven, Kill The Ideal, Mirror Queen, Telesma, Matt Skiba & The Sekrets, Omrade, Fat.Mo.Mac, Mellevon, Eltharia, Dienamic, Unkured, The Everscathed, Atavismo, Laurence Jones, Various Artists, Joe Mcgurk, Babymetal, Blackning, Killer Refrigerator, Arcturus, Spitfire, Anthropia, John Coffey, Fernando Refay, Glittertind, Six Pack Of Doom, Junior Crime Fighters, Big Business, The Grotesquery, Dennis Churchill Dries, Whispering Woods, Sathanas, Waster, Silenmara, Secrets Of The Sky, Versus The World, Skiltron, Cathar, Hellbastard, Danger Alley, Red Hot Rebellion, Ten, Grumpynators, Kings Destroy, Rebel Collective, Falconer, Wicked Inquisition, George Kollias, Corvus, Going Away Party, Rob Carlyle And The Compulsions, Primal Fear, Kayleth, Rongeur.

Issue 176
Powerplay Magazine Issue 176
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