Issue 174

Issue 174

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It’s the one we’ve been waiting for… Nightwish’s first album with Floor Jansen on vocals and it’s every bit the majestic, cinematic classic that we were hoping for. In a wonderfully varied issue we bring you interviews with Michael Schenker, FM, Apocalyptica, Bumblefoot, Venom, The Answer, Robert Tepper, Kiske/Somerville, Von Hertzen Brothers, Like A Storm, Wolfpakk, We Are Harlot, Knock Out Kaine, Furyon, and Windsor Drive, plus we talk to Arjen Lucassen and Anneke van Giersbergen about their amazing new project, The Gentle Storm, and promotor George gives us the lowdown on this year’s Masters Of Rock festival.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Multimedia, Short Cuts.


Black Label Society, Blastfest, Sodom, Anathema, Gus G, Enter Shikari, Uli Jon Roth, Marduk, Monster Magnet, Belphegor, Omnium Gatherum, Robert Tepper, Incite, Black Tusk, Arthemis, Crobot, Ethereal, De Profundis, Skarlett Riot, Absola, Asylum City Zoo, Another Dead Hero, Bombus, Indigo Balboa, Divine Chaos, Forsaken World, Love Gravel, The Val. POWER PLAYS Apocalyptica, Magic Kingdom, Nightwish, Moonspell, FM, Bumblefoot, Knock Out Kaine, Majesty, Reign Of Fury, We Are Harlot, Hasse Froberg, The Tangent, Fortid, Night, Viper Solfa, Mammoth Mammoth, Halestorm.


The Quireboys, Eden’s Curse, Smash Into Pieces, Agnostic Front, Monolord, Lay Siege, Blues Pills, Dunderbeist, Therapy?, Jettblack, Yngwie Malmsteen, Lonely Robot, One I Cinema, Left For Red, Perfect Blue Sky, Talon, Blueminded, Grenouer, Sumo Cyco, Broken Chords, Hacavitz, Gruesome, Colossus, Tipsy Road, Arstioir Lifsins, Agatha, Maxxwell Carlisle, Stone Circle, Dying Gorgeous, By Definition, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Pig Irön, Cyrax, Rob Moratti, Black Whiskey, Blackout, Nocturnal, Enemy Of Reality, Supralunar, Utoxator, Shining, Bulletproof Rose, Profound Sleep, Decimatus, Evil, Dead Lucky, Cruenta Lacrymis, Control The Storm, Hopetofind, Raketkanon, Sorcerer, 36 Crazyfists, Solarmonkeys, The Driftwood Sign, Nachtschatten, Dysrider, Steak Number Eight, Frosthelm, Anthology, Geezer, Trapt, Savage Machine, Elevant, Reload, All To Ruin, Elf, Gallows, Vise Versa, Heretic, Crimson Wind, Eldorado, Nocturnalia, Zen Juddhism, Castaway, Revenge Division, Eskimada, Vholdghast, Superstitious, Increst, Windsor Drive, Bleeding Eyes, Solefald, Bulldozing Bastard, The Sanity Days, Gingerpig, Crimson Swan, Thormesis, Years Apart, Oaths, Deep Purple, Essenza, Monarks, Sacral Rage, Spectral Darkwave, AOR, Prong, Heidevolk, Royal Thunder, Pelican, Wardenclyffe, Darwin & The Dinosaur, Winterage, Refill, American Mafia, Evyltyde, Mallory, Goldblade, Annisokay, Tess, Mindead, Mojave Lords, Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts, Kiske/Sommerville, Treedeon, Cholane, Hellraiser, Colossus, Morgoth, Lords Of The Trident, Dali’s Watch, Kill The Silence, Exdevils, Derelict Daydream, Gravastar, The Almighty, The Almighty, Them County Bastardz, Jukebox Monkey, The 69 Eyes, Peterik/Scherer, Potergeist, Not Scientists, Saturnalia Temple, Soundcrawler, Abandoned Stars, Never A Hero, Nitrovolt, Negative Self, The Clan Destined, Souls Of Jack Ketch, Simmer, De La Muerte, Ranger, Cailyn, Odin’s Court, Auron, Saxon, The Order Of Apollyon, Native Construct, Ashes In Vein, Impellitteri, Fried Goat, Traw, Various Artists, Liturgy, Zaria, Milestones, Black Hat Bones, Pocket Apocalypse, DAM, Ecnephias, Whispering Tales, Secret Of Boris, Voice Of The Soul, Leather Leaf, Red Seas Fire, Hardcore Superstar, Tristana, Zoliborz, Like A Storm, Ash Is A Robot, The Barnum Meserve, Krakow, Sentinel Beast, Seventh Sin, Steve Hackett, Carbonine.

Issue 174
Powerplay Magazine Issue 174
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