Issue 170

issue 170

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Addictive? Oh yes! Massive? Not yet but they should be and they will be soon. Melody maestros Amaranthe hit the spot with their third album of pop metal goodness, ‘Massive Addictive’. Now signed to major label Atlantic, Maria Brink tells us why In This Moment are bringing theatre back into metal music. Also in this issue we get the lowdown on all things monster from Mr Lordi, plus we talk to Devin Townsend about his fantastic new double album, and Joe Lynn Turner discusses his phenomenal new supegroup Rated X. Tomas Lindberg tells us all about the return of At The Gates and Status Quo get naked! Added to that, there are interviews with uber melody makers Amaranthe, along with Kix, Flyleaf, Cavalera Conspiracy, Mushroomhead, Crazy Lixx, Angels Or Kings, Crobot and Bulletrain, and we discover Dani Filth’s wicked new metal outfit Devilment.


Underground, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia, Power Cuts.


Anathema, Aerosmith, Slash, Accept, Dragonforce, Edguy, Ian Hunter, Mike Tramp, Kip Winger, Fiona, Uproar Festival, Raven, Three Days Grace, Spock’s Beard, King 810, Scarlett Riot, Danny Bryant, Virgil And The Accelerators, Lonely The Brave, I Am Giant, Kamchatka, Blackwolf, The Senton Bombs, A Mouth Full Of Matches, Fire Red Empress, Mother’s Cake, Mother Of God, The Sixxis, Cypher 16, Diatessaron, King Cobra, Black State Highway, Little Brother Eli, X-Contract, Captain Horizon, The White Lies, Brain Cage, Takada Jones, Chasing Dragons, Tom Killner Band, The Red And The Black, Mothertrucker.


Devin Townsend, Lordi, Fearless Vampire Killers, Ruinside, Lyriel, Status Quo, Flyleaf, Megaherz, Amaranthe, Revocation, Starkill, At The Gates, Tyranex, Live Kristine, Riot V, Devilment.


Angels Or Kings, …Trail Of Dead, Silent Call, Creation’s End, Emigrate, Mississippi Stomp, Hemina, Kerbdog, Electric Earth, Crobot, Disaster, Bulletrain, Capsize, Necrophor, Claw, Lucifer’s Fall, Black Crown Initiate, TNT, Avatarium, Blitzkrieg, Witchrider, Orange Goblin, Dead City Ruins, Meatloaf, Bad Wougar, A Secret River, Northern Crown, Halcyon Way, Soen, Alunah, Starblind, Necrophagia, Silent Screams, Flight Of Sleipnir, Brant Bjork, Steve Rothery, Madrost, Haliwel, Crazy Lixx, Malefice, Die No More, Black 4, Shaft Of Steel, Spider Kitten, Anaal Nathrakh, Elegantly Wasted,Skalmold, Lawrence’s Creation, Knuckle, Wolfen, Lunatic Soul, Free Key Bit Chess, Wolfborne, Mausoleum Gate, Meridian, Krieg, Clear The Auditorium, Mob Rules, Helldorados, Tyla J Pallas, Dead City Souls, Cloven Hoof, Four Trips Ahead, Explorer, Rated X, Bad DC, Heart, The Beards, Deserted Fear, I Am Giant, Deathronation, Condition Red, Skanska Mord, Einherjer, Overdrive, Voices, Bleeding Utopia, How To Disappear Completely, Monster Magnet, Kontrust, Phoebus Cartel, Sarea, Witch Mountain, Stikpin, Cavorts, Berlin Breaks, Blut Aus Nord, Ex Curia, Luke Gasser, Pineal, Twopointeight, Solemn Sun, The Phuss, Mezzopalo, Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins, Ian Hunter, Red Zone Rider, Trails, Nicolas Waldo, Hayley’s Royal Whores, Thrash Bombz, Pint Size Hero, Heart In Hand, Diamond Days, Firtan, Jaded Heart, Transport League, Sunwheel Psychedelic, Palace, Rick Wakeman, Maxxwell, Suicide Watch, , House Of X, Ghost Brigade, Convent Guilt, Unearth, Project Terror, Gun, Book Of Reflections, Dawnbringer, Revolver Avenue, Sorrows Path, Exodus, Pan, Diamond Head, In This Moment, Bernie Tormé, Mindcrime, Hortus Animae, Geronimo Paulette, Megasonic, Quartered, Lagwagon, Dragontown Dan, Vertica, A Sound Of Thunder, Dusk At Dawn’s, Last Scattering, Set It Off, Oozing Wound, Aevum, Shift, Kory Clarke, Bush, Secret Sight, Goodbye Kitty K, The Prophecy 23, Tiny Moving Parts, Shadow Merchant, Billy Idol, Solefald, Chant, Cavalera Conspiracy, Sonata Arctica, Autumnal, Live.

Issue 170
Powerplay Magazine Issue 170
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