Issue 169

issue 169

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The little fun side project that turned into a worldwide phenomenon, Sixx:AM’s Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael tell us all about fantastic third album ‘Moden Vintage’. Evergrey may have been beaten out of the front cover slot this month by Sixx:AM, but their latest album rivals their best. As well as talking to our favourite Swedish prog metallers, this issue also features interviews with Mr Big, Threshold, Flying Colors, Kobra & The Lotus, Grand Design, Cannibal Corpse, Nonpoint, Crazytown, Shaman’s Harvest, Dalton, Joanne Shaw Taylor, The Tea Party, The Milestones, Virgil & The Accelerators, Zodiac, Sticky Boys, Amulet, 220 Volt, and Skyscraper.


Underground, Power Cuts.


Bloodstock Open Air, Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Kiss, Def Leppard, Kix, The Agonist, Loverboy, Wovenwar, Mordred, One Machine, Empress AD, Quicksand.


Evergrey, Kobra & The Lotus, Mr Big, Grand Design, Freak Kitchen, Sixx:Am, Shaman’s Harvest, The Sixxis, Sanctuary, Warner Drive, Sticky Boys, Flying Colors, Kix, Gormanthon, Threshold, Zodiac, A Breach Of Silence. SHORT CUTS Bullet, Dalton, 1349, Enchant, Allen/Lande, The Pineapple Thief, Machinae Supremacy, Another Dead Hero, Malpractice, Darko, Lovebite, Eden Circus, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, Hang The Bastard, Nova, Henrietta, Beyond Creation, Dioramic, Rebellious Spirit, Electric Mary, Horrified, Nonpoint, Monsterworks, Jinjer, Blood God, A Sound Of Thunder, Ironbird, Aeon Zen, Faithsedge, Nuklear Frost, Ataraxis Vibration, In Search Of Sun, Northern Oak, Emergency Gate, The Black Rain, Wasted, Nothgard, Dead Season, Axegressor, Vega, Inter Arma, Underjord, Scarved, Abandon Hope, Sea, While Heaven Wept, 220 Volts, Richie Kotzen, Xerath, Bad Tripes, Incite, Project Arcadia, End Of Pipe, Aittala, Dennis Deyoung, The Tea Party, Wintter, Electric Wizard, Starborn, Eyes ‘N’ Lips, Horned Almighty, Tigerpunch, The Body Politic, Ides Of Gemini, White Empress, Deep Purple, Sovengar, Pallbearer, Num Skull, Onheil, Lord Volture, Us Among The Rest, Alberto Rigoni, Dwellers, Heat, Lost Gravity, Party Animals, Insight After Doomsday, Cold Shot, Methedras, Earthship, Amulet, Wo Fat, Protokult, Scar For Life, War Of Ages, Obituary, Brian Maillard, Red Letter Statement, Scar Symmetry, Dirty Woman, Handsome Jack, Infernal Awakening, Fornicus, Paul Gilbert, The Erkonauts, Buckcherry, Block Of Flats, Atriarch, Khold, Maxdmyz, Inside The Hole, November 7, Prude, Sons Of Crom, Nuclear Warfare, Laika, Yerbadiablo, Bill Curreri, Where Giants Once Stood, Skyscraper, Lillyé, Philm, Nasty Whores, Black Tongue, Winter In Eden, When We Were Wolves, Monks Of Mellonwah, Misanthropic Might, Machine Rox, Bunker 66, Redemption, Cardinal Wyrm, Saracen, Loverboy, Deed In Karma, Overcharge, Lustfinger, Lock And Key, The Morphean, Stallion, Sunken Monkey, Falloch, Bloodsoaked, Stryvigor, Status Quo, John Taglieri, Zgard, Darkness Divided, Cimino, Lucifer Was…, Witch Charmer, Crucifyre, Ashes You Leave, Neverworld, David Fields, Chaos Engine Research, Flights, Proselyte, Vlad In Tears, Solbrud, Lichtgestalt, Milestones, Tyla J Pallas, Heliosaga, Three Sixes, Guilty As Charged, Mono Inc, Rise Of The North Star, Eden Weint Im Grab, Transmaniacon, Kmfdm, Sakara. .

Issue 169
Powerplay Magazine Issue 169
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