Issue 168

Issue 168

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The man in the hat, Slash, tells us all about latest album ‘World On Fire’, a likely candidate for classic rock album of the year. Top interview picks this month include Judas Priest, Hammerfall and The Haunted, all of whom have returned to their classic sound on their latest releases. We also chat to American heavyweights Godsmack, prog maestro Neal Morse, and the legendary Corrosion Of Conformity, plus Audrey Horne, Crucified Barbara, Work Of Art, Houston, Kissin’ Dynamite, Niva, Miss Behaviour, Striker, and Astral Doors.


Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul.


Extreme, Sonisphere Festival, Masters Of Rock Festival, SOS Festival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Boston, Yes, Cheap Trick, Sebastian Bach, Onslaught, Artillery, The Winery Dogs, Rage Of Angels, Lost Weekend, Toseland, Demonic Resurrection, De Profundis, Premature Birth, Anoxide, The Ocean, Hieroglyph, Inquisition, Funeral Throne, Burial, Ninkharsag. POWER PLAYS Slash, The Haunted, Crucified Barbara, Moon Land Feat Lenna Kuurmaa, Ill Nino, Niva, Godsmack, Mike Tramp, Work Of Art, Neal Morse, Solstarfir, Sparzana, A Road To Damascus, Steve Rothery, Striker.


The Scintilla Project, Distorted Harmony, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Cannibal Corpse, Evenline, Red Eleven, Laney’s Legion, Spike, Ministry, Eyes Of Verona, Big Trouble, The Black Rook, Dark Fortress, Envenomed, Blacktop Harrison, Skid Row, Karma To Burn, Heartist, Iron Reagan, Spiral Shades, Zephrus, Fire Red Empress, Devin Williams, Zarpa, Opus Doria, Crystal Eyes, Forensick, Enfarce, Superdirt, The Megs, Syren City, Meadows End, Studfaust, Reaper, The Deep, Thor, Shane Kenny & Brownstone Station, Send, The Allman Brothers Band, Nachtmystium, Eastern Front, Burn The Rez, Myrkur, Maybeshewill, Aphyxion, Conquering Dystopia, Deceptic, A Mouth Full Of Matches, Legion Of Bokor, Major Kong, Jonathan Boulet, Seven Thorns, I The Breather, Victory, Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, Forever After, Moetar, Empress Ad, Autumn’s Dawn, Apherium, Starchild, Tarja, Corruption, Beggarz Fixx, Crimson Shadows, Confusion, Karst, Hot Fire, Mike Williams, Stryper, Satin, Overpower, Lonely Kamel, Underwell, And The Howling Demons, Sunless Sky, Cancer, Jommo Nokes, Twilightfall, Emil Bulls, Villainy, Counting Days, Escapethecult, Amonsethis, Overwind, Savn, Ichabod Krane, Sacred Wind, Skyconqueror, Space Eater, Philip Sayce, Funeral Horse, Troublesome Bucks, Jbo, Wasted Shells, Wednesday 13, Between Falls, The Order Of Israfel, Powerlord, Six Days Of May, Eosphorus, Steak, Soulost, Icosa, Amplifier, Brimstone Coven, Game Over, Androbb, Norilsk, The Hiding Place, Neopera, Weedeater, Capture The Crown, Hroptatyr, Sidewinder, Ventenner, Double Experience, Hell’s Chopper, Johnny Touch, The Idle Hands, Valkeryon, Violet, F.R.E.D. & The Living Deads, Medicine Hat, Planet Of Zeus, Diamond Lane, Elucidation, Houston, Tri State Corner, Audrey Horne, Judas Priest, Kissin Dynamite, Astral Doors, Virgil & The Accelerators, Miss Behaviour.

Issue 168
Powerplay Magazine Issue 168
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