Issue 167

Powerplay Magazine Issue 167

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Former Kiss guitar god Ace Frehley gives us the lowdown on his hard rocking new album, ‘Space Invader’. If an interview with the Space Ace isn’t enough for you, then this month we also chat to Wolf Hoffman about Accept’s glorious new album, Sam and Herman talk about Dragonforce’s superlative latest offering, and to keep the metal bew boiling, we sit down with Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward to discuss all things Unisonic. Now there’s a band to keep your eye on! Plus there are interviews with Chicago, Opeth, Wolf, Alestorm, XDrive, Knifeworld, Gregory Lynn Hall, and awesome newcomers Wovenwar, plus we meet super sexy Tave Wanning from Frontiers’ hot new band Adrenaline Rush.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul.



Greenfields Festival, Night Ranger, Chicago, Black Star Riders, Rival Sons, California Breed, Dan Reed Network, Crazy Town, Red Dragon Cartel, Suicide Silence, Quicksand, Heart Of A Coward, Black Oak Arkansas, Jupiter Falls, Jameson, Skinny Molly, Syron Vanes, Black Tongue.



Dragonforce, Opeth, Hammerfall, Unisonic, Entombed A.D., Adrenaline Rush, Wolf, Heel, Eluveitie, Black State Highway, Accept, Fireforce, Ambient Death, Gregory Lynn Hall, Ibridoma.


Short Cuts

Blackberry Smoke, Henric Blomqvist & Friends, Belphegor, Pendejo, Bernie Marsden, Voodoo Gods, Wovenwar, Aor, Helix, Walter Trout, Heidra, Ninth Circle, Marillion, Scamp, Monumentomb, Steel Prophet, Demonic Resurrection, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, On Top, Annisokay, Vantage Point, Dirty Lions, Hellyeah, Islander, Anticlone, Patrizia, Ion Vein, Reason, Knifeworld, Asia, Powerstroke, Colt 45, Mutank, Corrosion Of Conformity, Lazer/Wulf, Bastion, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, X-Drive, Wami, Rainbows Are Free, Crown Of Glory, Bodinrocker, Fahran, Gasoline Stars, Alone With Wolves, Darker Half, Rusty Eye, Excruciation, Body Count, Cold Colours, Black Trip, The Quireboys, Birth A.D., Mike Campese, Hell’s Guardian, Dirty Rockers, Black Book Lodge, Godflesh, Electric Citizen, God Macabre, Headbore, Sworn To Oath, Danny Bryant, Lion Twin, Purple Hill Witch, Hard Riot, Meridian Dawn, Blackened Angel, Algebra, Broadway Killers, Mefisto, Saga, Expain, Temtris, Sukekiyo, Homebound, Marduk, Finntroll, Motorfire, Ocean Chief, Protafield, David A Saylor, Deep Purple, Scream Maker, Roxie 77, 1000 Mods, Unherz, Fallen Order, Thunder Lord, Thirteen, Dragon’s Kiss, Second Brain, Spellcaster, From Her Eyes, Corrupt Moral Altar, Quintessence Mystica, Alan Kelly’s 7 Hard Years, The Rocket Dolls, Arthemis, Fallen Angel, Massive, The Kendolls, Shakra, (Hed) Pe, Chainreaction, Serpent Venom, Ian Hunter, Manumit, King Of Asgard, Saturn, Vile Regression, King Canute, War Messiah, Winter Garden, Lehmann, From Hell, Kadavar, Cardinals Folly, Zaum, In Crowded Skies, Nathan Detroit, Jack White, Virgin Steele, D.A.M., Iron Man, Noveria, Epta7, Deathwhite, Terraplane, Accept, Illdisposed, Fair Warning, S.H.O.T., Gothminister, Wolfrider, Storm Cry, Versus You, Pinick Gales Pridgen, State Of Salazar, Joe Bonamassa, Ace Frehley, King  810.

Issue 167
Powerplay Magazine Issue 167
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