Issue 166

Issue 166

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Chester Bennington talks about how Linkin Park have returned to their metal roots on new album ‘The Hunting Party’. This issue’s interviews pages are chocka with top quality acts: we talk to larger than life Yank Ted Nugent, German power metal maestros Grave Digger, prog masters Yes, and Swedish modern metallers Sonic Syndicate, along with Fozzy, Saliva, Theory Of A Deadman, Falconer, Flood Of Red, Eluvietie, Dead End Heroes and Night By Night. Plus Shaun Morgan gives us an exclusive insight into the new Seether album.


Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Frontiers Records Festival, Doro, Blue Oyster Cult, Scott Stapp, Marty Friedman, Gus G, Anvil, Katatonia, HEAT, Lita Ford, Ian Anderson, Ghost BC, Conan, Vodoo Six, No Sinner, Graveyard, Messenger, Absolva, Blues Pills, Supercharger, Bast, My Silent Wake, Khost, Greenhorn, Witch Charmer, Victorian Whore Dogs, Hagstone.


Falconer, Sonic Syndicate, Grave Digger, Voyager, Peter Pan Speedrock, Seether, Overkill, Alestorm, Chicago, Fozzy, Paranorm, The Amity Affliction, Flood Of Red, Sevendaze, Dagger, Electric Guitars, Linkin Park.


Angelspit, Vicious Rumors, Prong, Coltsblood, Mother Of Millions, Frozen Ocean, Dawn, Mount Carmel, Goatwhore, Madball, Delirium Tremens, Furykane, Ironstorm, Tomorrow Will Be Worse, Diesel, Matty James, Ringworm, Hagstone, Captain Black Beard, Channel Zero, Powerwolf, Collapse Under The Empire, The Kut, Babylon A.D, Electric River, Gurt, Gumomaniacs, Sadhak, Enkelination, Abinaya, The Word Alive, Chevelle, Usa Out Of Vietnam, Riot Horse, Vehemenz, Null Paradox, Beneath Dead Waves, Cave Of Swimmers, Red Mourning, Cadavian, The Pass Outs, Reverted, God’s Army, Ribspreader, Great White, Astra, Generation Graveyard, Wilson, Eisregen, Alwaid, The Witch, Oruga, Septicflesh, Monuments, Tria Mera, Temperance, Kiss, Centura, Jessie Wagner & Envy, Blasted, Seven, Kickhunter, Dawn Of Destiny, The Socks, Return From The Grave, Hollywood Monsters, Heid, Diaphonic, Siren On The Moon, Bushwhacker, Kremated, Territory, Crowsaw, Emmure, Powerman 5000, Darkest Era, Nivlhel, Tumbleweed, The Black Marquee, Suicide Silence, Spell, Smash Fashion, Chasing Lana, Psychotic Gardening, Gut Scrapers, The Winery Dogs, The Killerhertz, Moonshine, The Wicked Mercy, Autumn Ghost, Medusa’s Child, Trigger, Empatic, Sons Of Merrick, Zone Zero, Stars & Flights, Perfect View, Trash Boat, The Shell Collector, Blackwülf, Gladenfold, Die So Fluid, 8oz Soul, Pendejo, Entrapment, Crowmatic, Stille Volk, Veni Domine, Rich Robinson, Then Thickens, Hærken, Tungsten, Manny Ribera, Sinister, Solamnia, Hannes Grossmann, The Golden Grass, Dragon’s Bane, Dead End Heroes, Edenfall, Saliva, The Grand, Spiritz, Alpha Male Tea Party, Enviktas, Horizon Ablaze, Voice Of Ruin, Lions Of The South, Beastwars, Driving Mrs Satan, The Osiris Club, Evenoire, Damn Pigeon, Malrun, Melmak, Cinderella, Speedblow, Orange Goblin, Sonic Station, Rick Priem, Meatloaf, Twilight Force, Acacia Avenue, Dio, Radio Moscow, Drag, Blues Pills, Nocturnal Witch, Theory Of A Deadman, Bill Curreri, Reactory, Yes, Hero’s Last Rite, Nightmare, Ted Nugent, Nothing More.

Issue 166
Powerplay Magazine Issue 166
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