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Now that the shock news of Angela Gossow’s departure from Arch Enemy has sunk in, we go straight to the source for an update on latest album ‘War Eternal’ from Michael Amott and Alissa White-Gluz. This issue’s top picks include interviews with Deathstars, Anathema, Rival Sons, Tesla, Night Ranger, and your new favourite band Pop Evil. We also catch up with Tarja Turunen, Hellyeah, Brother Firetribe, Elvenking, Outloud, and Helstar, and we chat to local boys Absolva, plus Keith Slack tell us about Mother Road, his fantastic new band with Chris Lyne.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Foreigner, Queensryche, Within Temptation, Europe, FM, Magnum, Inferno Festival, Primal Fear, Clutch, Winger, The Wildhearts, Stryper, Amaranthe, Kix, Tyketto, DevilDriver, Bonfire, Delain, Triptykon, Von Hertzen Brothers, DAD, Little Caesar, Neonfly, Smash Into Pieces, Super Suckers, ‘77, Kampfar, Hate, Velnias, Iskald, Sylos, Bleed From Within, Lionize, Deals Death, Windhand, Inter Arma, Coltsblood, Hey! Hello! Toseland, Boomville, Hour Of Penance, Murder Made God, Blown Stovebolt, Profane And The Sacred, Desert Storm, Mother Corona, Abhorent Decimation, Sathamel.


Pop Evil, Arch Enemy, Elvenking, Deathstars, Night Ranger, Ancient Bards, Brother Firetribe, Ambush, Mach 22, Vallenfyre, Humbucker, The Arkanes, Abramis Brama, Space Chaser, Shores Of Null, Bloody Hammers.

Short Cuts

Battleroar, Anathema, Hornss, Jupiter Zeus, Being As An Ocean, Echelon, Perfect_Beings, Anthems Of Sickness, Three Seasons, Gloryful, Dust Bolt, Jac Dalton Band, Equilibrium, Arkan, The Wisdoom, Exxperior, Ifing, Helmsplitter, Agalloch, Delusion Squared, Dynamite, Beyond Violet, Devil’s Heaven, Chasing Dragons, Mysticgirls, Castle, Second Rate Angels, Decembre Noir, Chrysalis, Outloud, Wings In Motion, Merkabah, Drone, Fragore, Jonas Lindberg, The Idol Dead, Salander, Cobra, Mars Red Sky, Distant Past, Koloss, Thine, Angerman, Never A Hero, Blackwater, Retribution, Michael Bormann, Kyng, Mayhem, Midday Committee, Monolord, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Herod, Statement, Heavy Honey, Karnivore, Other Eyes Wise, Metsatoll, Crisix, Persefone, Neverworld, Renaissence, Blister Brigade, Bentley Park, Eric William Johns, Krokus, Dead Earth Politics, Shadow Host, Ray Wilson, Serpentine Path, Icons, Wildheart, Blood Runs Deep, Nightfell, Dream Theater, Deep Machine, Coen Wolters Band, Your Favourite Enemies, Dream The Electric Sleep, Diaries Of A Hero, Blinded Memory, Tombs, Arrows, Obdurated, Mind:Soul, Edge Of Thorns, Barbarian, Vestal Claret, Gunpowder Gray, Dark Legacy, Boyfrndz, Re-Armed, Boy Hits Car, Reverted, Pitch Black Process, Ryker’s, Creinium, Sipario Power Metal Act, Thot, Night By Night, 21 Guns, Confess, Voyager, Garagedays, Manilla Road, One Mile To Nowhere, Malf, Forgery, Ad Extirpenda, Revelation, Vader, Secret Illusion, Physical Noise, Midhaven, Neko Nine/The Creator Of, Seal Of Solomon, The Vargas Blues Band, Sleeper Effect, Bury Tomorrow, Rich Antonelli, Surviving The Charade, Thy Flesh, Crowbar, Cormorant, Sweet Kiss Momma, Lesser Key, Soul Thrower, Well Hung Heart, Sleepstream, Accept, Souldrainer, Skam, Everafter, Subliritum, A Hill To Die Upon, Atom Strange, Castor Troy, Tetrarchate, Sevendaze, Sons Of Kal-El, Down ‘N’ Outz, Memories Of A Dead Man, Preachers Son, Mother Road, V/A – Tribute To Ronnie James Dio, Down, Tesla, Eyehategod, Halestorm, Vampire, Uriah Heep, Fm, Rival Sons, Viseversa.



Issue 165
Powerplay Magazine Issue 165
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