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Want to be a Panhead? Find out why you should in our exclusive chat with John Cooper from American Christian rock band Skillet. In our bumper Christmas issue, there are interviews with Boston, Nightwish, Michael Schenker, Rhapsody Of Fire, Deicide, AOR, Ghost, Hell, Alestorm, Tad Morose, Angelica Rylin, Avatarium, Hord, Human Fortress, Silent Voices, 6:33, Sleeping Romance, and Symphony Of Pain.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul, Stateside Cuts.



Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Halestorm, Firefest, Skid Row, Goo Goo Dolls, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament, Ugly Kid Joe, Volbeat, Annihilator, Pretty Maids, Watian, Iced Earth, The Answer, Satyricon, Ashes Of Ares, Vista Chino, Chthonic, Huntress, Monster Truck, In Solitude, Attika Rage, Tracer, Fantasist, The Generals, The Goddam Electric, White Wizzard, Zico Chain, Lonely The Brave, Exit State, Monument, Dead City Ruins, Babylon Fire.



Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, Angelica, Hell, Sacrificium, Silent Voices, Mad Max, Sleeping Romance, Signum Regis, Benedictum, Winds Of Plague, Borrowed Time, Almah, Heart Of A Coward, Vamps, The Brimstone Days, Pro-Pain, Deicide, Ac Angry, Avatarium, Headstones, Skillet.


Short Cuts

Tad Morose, Monolithe, Doyle, Iron Mask, Motorhead, Black Label Society, Mabuse, Voodoo Sioux, King Fear, Leaves’ Eyes, Nephren-Ka, The Graveltones, Gwar, Orchid, Wrong, Attica’s Ashes, Hell To Pay, Lita Ford, Knighthood, Niterain, Tribune, Michael Des Barres, Chris Laubis, Hord, Kick, Big Guns, Eat The Gun, Uzala, Kill For Eden, Endstille, Jacob Messianic, We The Machine, Eternal Solstice, Hatesphere, Agent, Inferno, Twelve Clay Feet, State Of Insomnia, Nailed To Obscurity, Starship, Wicked Snakes, Ghost, Vengeance, Now Or Never, Saliva, Glorior Belli, Edward Box, Dregan, The Dirty Feel, Seidr, Michael Lee Firkins, Backwash, Rhapsody Of Fire, Coven 13, Scythe, Tragedian, Electric Woodland, Death Toll Rising, Critical Solution, Godsticks, Hanging Garden, Black Dogs, Epysode, Kindler, Throne Of Katarsis, Friday Night Specials, Whores, Disparaged, Windrunners, Punish, Bleak Falls, Epidemics, Scarificare, The Cadillac Three, Radioactive, Cockeyed Optimist, Black Rainbows, Crowdburn, Bifröst, Ajuna, Greevace, Eternal Torture, Agnes Vein, Tor Marrok, Ian Thomas Band/Ian Thomas, High Heels, Saxon, Eyevory, Heaven Asunder, Dayshell, Black Diamond, Dirty Sound Magnet, Serpent Omega, Human Fortress, Grai, Irdorath, Generation Kill, Riseback, Netherbird, Purtenance, Hawkwind, Eternal Torture, Idensity, Cult Of The Fox, Tigertailz, Various Artists, Zebra, Carpeduke, Buckcherry, Death Remains, Reptilian Death, Def Con One, Crusher, Mg & The Juggernaut, Necrowretch, Billy Boy In Poison, Assignment, Grime, Within Temptation, Insidead, Funeral For A Friend, Mountain Witch, Scarecrow Nwa, Doomed From Day One, Prospekt, Black Succubi, Shining, Gamma/Airborne/Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys, Lenny Kravitz, Noire, Jimmy Barnes, Steve Hackett, Jethro Tull, Delusion, Funeral Circle, Justin Lerner, Megadeth, Warmaster, Faster Pussycat, The Rods, Glittertind, Ripio, Voltax, Seether, Deadend In Venice, Craving, Fuck Off, Lodz, New England/Charlie/Stepson, Deals Death, Septicflesh, Breached, Mortal Decay, Soul Remnants, Alice Cooper, Gudars Skimning, Cronian, Blitzkrieg, Unzucht, Suture, Oliver Wakeman & Steve Howe, Temple Of Baal, Patriot Rebel, Withem, Harsk, Hell:On, Solekahn, Osukaru, Tangier/Faster Pussycat/Diamond, Reign Of Lies, Reo Speedwagon, Coronatus, Rising, Heretic’s Dream, Trouble Circus, Red Jester, Another Dead Hero, Faith Circus, We Are Fiction, Pestilence, Empirical, Warbastard, Boston, As Angels Bleed, The Genders, Swedish Hitz Goes Metal, Nekrokrist Ss, Cold Cell, Cinderella, George Thoroughgood & The Destoyers, Tempesta, Knight Area, Treblinka, Dog Face, Bad Religion, Royal Hunt, Iced Earth, Symphony Of Pain, Absolva, Aor, Five Finger Death Punch, 6:33.

Issue 160
Powerplay Magazine Issue 160
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