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Featuring elements of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Accept and Children Of Bodom in their sound, Romanian Euro metallers Powerwolf rip our throats out with a grin on their furry canine faces on latest album “Preachers Of The Night”. Victor Smolski talks about the fantastic Lingua Mortis Orchestra album, plus we catch up with former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted about his new self-titled band, and the always chatty Jeff Waters tells us about Annihilator’s latest release. There are also interviews with James LaBrie, Tarja Turunen, Michael Monroe, Steve Newman, Trouble, The Defiled, Masters Of Reality, Deadlock, Find Me, Mia Klose and Fergie Frederiksen.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul.


Download Festival, Greenfield Festival, ZZ Top, Zakk Wylde, Queensryche, Volbeat, Joe Satriani, Rick Springfield, Airbourne, Blackmore’s Night, Blackberry Smoke, Snakecharmer, Ben Miller Band, Blood Command, Undersmile, Hell To Pay, Mia Klose, Matt Schofield Trio, Revellion, Three Lions, Ishmael, Grimpen Mire, Bastard Of The Skies. POWER PLAYS Powerwolf, Tarja, Lingua Mortis Orchestra/Rage, James Labrie, Fergie Frederiksen, Newsted, Victorious, Deadlock, Newman, Diabolical, Robin Beck, Erimha, Battlecross, Darkane, The Defiled.


Witherscape, Dead End Space, Fueled By Fire, Spheron, Obsessive Compulsive, Arceye, Farraday, Faithxtractor, Facebreaker, The Quireboys, JD Overdrive, Sign Of The Jackal, Famous Underground, We Came As Romans, Ape Skull, The Vein, Grandexit, Ecnephias, Invasion, Siamese Fighting Fish, Crocell, Fatality, Corrupt Moral Altar, Sandstone, Palms, Tengger Cavalry, Axxion, Michael Monroe, Kingbathmat, Mercenary, 42 Decibel, La Colpa, Endovein, Palehorse, Simone Fiorletta, Graveyard Of Souls, Agathodaimon, Arc Angel, Immension, Necrotic Disgorgement, Seagall, Desert Storm, Santa Cruz, Havok, Minotaurus, Destroyers Of All, Loud At Least, Septekh, Little River Band, 8Stone, Bloodwork, Maschine, Hawkwind, Face Off, Circadian Pulse, Blue Murder, Russ Dwarf, .Dead.Awaken., With What Remains, Ashes Of Tyranny, The Last Warning, Indicco, Plöw, Autopsy, Anti Tank Nun, High On Fire, King Parrot, Sanktuary, Within The Ruins, Mortuary Drape, Diamond Drive, Find Me, X111, Jonas Renkse, Pushmen, Jaw Kneecap, Deadweight, Tank, Burden Of Life, Excelsis, Hypocrisy, Panzerchrist, Nostra Morte, Bonfire, Artizan, Abdunor, Mumakil, Carach Angren, Radio Friendly, Lightning Raiders, Scarred, Garth Arum, Motorfinger, Armed For Apocalypse, The Whiskey Syndicate, Jesus Chrusler Supercar, Matvey, Hornet, Gloria Volt, For All The Wrong Reasons, The Sun Explodes, Myopic Empire, Skeletal Spectre, Doogie White And La Paz, Obszon Geschopf, I Killed Everyone, Memorain, Sannhet, Sister Sin, The Lucid Dream, Conspires To…, Massive Audio Nerve, Warfect, Your Last Wish, Tungsten Axe, Pteroglyph, Animal, Silvercast, Black Bull, Spring The Trap, Headless, Vanilla Fudge, Roll It Over, Big Country, These Hearts, Markonee, Max Pie, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Contortion, Ivan Mihaljevic And Side Effects, Hellish War, Witko, Trouble, Edenbridge, Teenage China, Mythery, Annihilator, Accept, Spiritcrow.

Issue 156
Powerplay Magazine Issue 156
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