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Five Finger Death Punch mix it up with the first part of a twin album release that seems them adding new styles to their rampant modern metal formula. Vikings Amon Amarth return with their ninth album of death metal mayhem. Todd La Torre breathes fresh new life into Queensryche, whose latest album is a startling return to form. We chat to Ritchie and Candice about the new Blackmore’s Night release, along with Nobel Peace Prize nominees Orphaned Land, and ex-Sabaton members reformed as Civil War. We also interview Filter, Pat Travers, Sirenia, Huntress, Lost Weekend, The Tangent, Scorpion Child, and scorching newcomers Voodoo Six, Mallory Knox and Skarlett Riot.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.



Full Metal Cruise, Dames Of Darkness Festival, Rush, Journey, Whitesnake, Thunder, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, Spock’s Beard, Sylosis, Beardfish, Sound Of Contact, Heartist, Hell To Pay, Black Dogs, Demoraliser, Never Shout Never, Purson.



Queensryche, Artlantica, Huntress, Orphaned Land, Sirenia, Motherload, Civil War, Age Of Tourus, Church Of Misery, Gloryful, Chasing Violets, Powerworld, Lonewolf, Pat Travers, Mean Streak, Noein, Manegarm, Joe Satriani, Five Finger Death Punch.


Short Cuts

Cynthesis, Necropsy, Lost Weekend, Steve Bonino, The Prowlers, Terminal Prospect, Master, New Device, Masquerage, Power Trip, Dark Stares, Lantern, Voodoo Highway, Vodun, Gates Of Hell, Venemous Maximus, Pest, Maze Of Time, Kings Destroy, Conditions, Paria, Jex Thoth, Cayne, Rainbow, Decaying, Institute, Körgull The Exterminator, The Quill, Hunter Valentine, Gin Lady, Arthouse Hours, Mindless Self Indulgence, Behexen, Denied, Dynamite, Agrimonia, Gold Skies Ahead, Universal Theory, Burning Crows, Suncrown, Melted Space, Acherontas, Eternal Oath, Dew-Scented, Beyond Mortal Dreams, Mountain, True String, Chthonic, Limozine, Swazafix, The Tangent, Blood Red Throne, Darker Half, Lower Lands, Carrier Flux, James Christian, Frantic Alice, Evangelist, Dead Shaped Figure, Anton Johansson’s Galahad Suite, Septic Flesh, Harasai, Imprecation, Fading Bliss, King Kobra, Death Ape Disco, Primus, Black Oath, Woccon, Nergard, Temple Koludra, Martyr De Mona, Colossus, Ritual Steel, Thanatos, Schemata Theory, The Jan Holberg Project, This Devastated Fan, Sanguine Hum, Before The Satellites, V/A – Blood Brothers Ii, Death Dealer, Sideburn, Necronomicon, Hagl, Anacondas, Scoti Slate, Eternal Rest, Ape Machine, Dagoba, Extol, Revelation’s Hammer, Eyeconoclast, Bent Not Broken, Burial Vault, Sadako, Hammerforce, The Dry Mouths, The Maine, Evolutions Per Minute, Circle Of Silence, Torture Killer, Outshine, We Are The Catalyst, Santa Rita, Hessian, Homeless Hill, Gravewurm, Fast Train Union, In The Guise Of Men, Under Heaven, Ptsd, Sidious, Ivanhoe, Method To Madness, Svartsyn, Junkfoxx, Endless Dark, Nick Gilder, One Minute Silence, Once I Saw A Ghost, Sofy Major, Grand 60, King Carnage, Lux Divina, J’nai, Circle Of Reason, Lecherous Nocturne, Iron Tongue, Wakeupcall, Arctic Winter, Dio, Walter Trout, Hand Of God, My Great Affliction, Seth, Nitrovolt, Phlebotomized, Philip H Anselmo And The Illegals, In The Silence, Voice Of Revenge, Continents, Overtures, Hell’s Addiction, M:Pire Of Evil, Mycelia, Tucana, The Droppers Neck, Enochian Theory, Golden Tanks, Heretic, Demon Lung, Freddie Salem & The Wild Cats, Rebellious Spirit, Crimson Star, Groteskh, Johansson & Speckmann, Born Broken, Cold Colours, Besieged, Wild Horses, Poltergeist, Blood Ceremony, Filter, Schwarzer Engel, Science Of Sleep, Joel Grind, Sinocence, Dirty Saint, Embersland, Generous Maria, Acrania, Transplants, Valentiine, Girl, Grand Reserva, Insistence, Lorne Hind 360, Darkfall, Murdering Sinatra, The Black Dahlia Murder, Japaeti, Majestic, Mortal Form, Arrogant Destruktor, Shining, Whitesnake, Io Earth, Ulysses, These Monsters, Grenouer, Klogr.


Powerplay Magazine Issue 155
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