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“…it’s not about getting air-lifted in a f**king chopper and acting like we’re better than you are. We’re from the same place; there is no community that stands between us. I was homeless, my mom was a maid, I grew up on food stamps. I’m a success story, but I don’t think I’m better than anybody,” says Dave Mustaine. Thin Lizzy are no more, but Black Star Riders have arrived. Ricky Warwick tells us all about it. Plus we chat to Doug Aldrich about his side band Burning Rain, and there are interviews with Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquility, Evile, Lacrimas Profundere, Leprous, Amaze Me, Fantasist, Sound Of Contact, and Saffire.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Hard Rock Hell Prog/AOR, Skid Row, Saxon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kreator, Clutch, Steel Panther, Diamond Head, Evile, Danny Vaughn, Living Colour, The Wildheards, Hypocrisy, Quireboys, Rival Sons, Moonspell, Enuff Z’nuff, Cauldron, Xentrix, Crucified Barbara, Crashdiet, Jettback, I Am I, Insomnium, Mallory Knox, The Goddam Electric, Absolva, Buffalo Summer, Ulysses, Teenage Casket Company, New Generation Superstars, Eureka Machine, Young Lust, Natives, Evarose.


Dark Tranquility, Battle Beast, Black Star Riders, Lacrimas Profundere, Tesseract, Amon Amarth, Belladonna, Tristania, Blackmore’s Night, Children Of Bodom, Breached, Lord, Evile, Blacklands, Fair Warning, Tom Keifer, Saffire, Kylesa, Gloomball, V8 Wankers.


Scorpion Child, Fantasist, Adler, Sodom, The Jokers, Moonreich, L.A. Guns, Aborym, Divided Multitude, Taunted, Utopium, Raging Slab, Howl, The Pineapple Thief, Giuntini Project, Anvil, Syzygy, Surachai, Sound Of Contact, Lo!, Sokea Piste, Skid Row, ercury Falling, Queensryche, Death Valley High, Monster Truck, Victims Of Creation, Krzak Experience, Spitfire, Kruger, Paganizer, Battle Dagorath, Barish Kepic, Gozu, Our Final Hour, Implodes, Death Tyrant, Goldblade, Shadowcraft, Status Quo, The Rockford Heroes, Suicidal Tendencies, Pyramid Theorem, A Pale Horse Named Death, Eternal Rising, Small Jackets, KMFDM, Imperial Age, John Nickeloff, Vindictiv, Voodoo Six, Perfect Crime, Satan, Arrow Haze, Seven Nails, Goat Leaf, Honningbarna, Larceny, Kalmah, Elvis Deluxe, Encorian, Contrition, Sevendust, Danny Bryant, Endless Dark, Years Of Tyrants, Reign Of The Architect, Mysteria, Hate Meditation, Sandness, Deville, Heart In Hand, Forlorn Path, Entrails, Arkona, Brute Forcz, Michael Shepherd Band, Thy Symphony, Bad Luck Train, Demotional, Jesper Leth, Grot, Bakken, Lifeforms, Mordecai, Kyler, Chemicals Of Democracy, Kings Destroy, Cerekloth, Shotgun Revolution, Templeton Peck, Last Transmission, Ophis, Trials, Morgengrau, Lucio Manca, Seventribe, Csejthe, Believe, Crimson Rain, Gravil, Retox, Soulhealer, Samson, Dan Baird And Homemade Sin, Hebosagil, Birth A.D., Excellent Cadaver, Thousand Year War, Eldkraft, Nahar, Sclavinia, Knockouts, Oblivious, Deep Sleep Operator, Opposing Motion, Fullresistance, Simulacro, Fejd, Reign Of Vengeance, Potential Threat, Mayfair, The Arrows, Supermachine, Thousand Autumns, Starkill, Mair, Summoning, Dethscalator, Darkside, Drown In Grace, The Black Marbles, Impious Baptism, Pendragon, Acolyte, The Resistance, Western Sand, Ian Danter, Freedom Call, Nonexistence, Double Treat, Status Quo, Omega Reign, Dir En Grey, Svart Crown, Mother Susurrus, Standing Ovation, Q.Age, Shade Empire, Nightmare, Switchtense, No Man Eyes, Thaw, Godflesh, Reaper In Sicily, Slow Burning Car, Bloodattack, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Taipan, Riotnoise, Corners Of Sanctuary, Cyanide Scream, Pasadena Napalm Division, Bolt Thrower, Into Century, Amaze Me, Lychgate, Darkest Horizon, Control Human Delete, Savior From Anger, Uriah Heep, Fatal Impact, A Canorous Quintet, Eneera, Exit State, Deep Purple, Press To Meco, Kaideka, Smohalla/Omega Centauri, The Guilt Parade, Claymords, Heartist, The Hyper Actives, Harboured, Shallow Ground, Cypher16, Mindwork, Watertank, The Old Wind, Brian Connolly’s The Sweet, Trigger Effect, Nasty, Jorn, Orchid, Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall, V/A – The Lords Of Salem Soundtrack.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 154
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