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Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen talks about the band’s spanking new album, which the record label are hoping to sell more than a million copies of. As you might have noticed, we talk to Amaranthe, who adorn our special extra cover this month, plus we catch up with Oli from Reckless Love for a studio report on their new album, and we chat at length to the ever-charismatic David Coverdale. We also speak to Corey Taylor about the second part of Stone Sour’s latest adventure, and Mr Lordi regales us with his thoughts on his brand new album. And we have interviews with heavy mob Killswitch Engage and hard-hitting newcomers Kvelertak, along with Avantasia, Spock’s Beard, Finntroll, Amorphis, Serenity, Visions Of Atlantis, Drowning Pool, Covered Call, and Gloryhammer.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Hell, Slash, Doro, Firewind, The Treatment, Cannibal Corpse, DevilDriver, Lita Ford, Funeral For A Friend, Dinosaur Jr, Turisas,Gravedigger, Majesty, The Union, The Black Dahlia Murder, Virginmarys, Dropkick Murphys, Wizard, Sister Sin, Gun Barrel, A Thousand Enemies, Blackwolf.


Amaranthe, Lordi, Von Hertzen Brothers, Serenity, Amorphis, Gloryhammer, Crest Of Darkness, Code Of Silence, Cathedral, Spock’s Beard, Stone Sour, Six Feet Under, Deez Nuts, Essence, Der Geist, Vargsheim, In Vain, Hypocrisy, Helker, Avantasia,Orianthi.


Cult Of Luna, Luke Morley, Finntroll, Iron Maiden, My Soliloquy, Now, Death Agony, Imperium Dekadenz, Jade Vine, Sacred Mother Tongue, Let’s Talk Daggers, Bob Katsionis, This Misery Garden, Everclear, Tystnaden, The Union, Persefone, Shannon, Ivalys, Cadaver Disposal, Damnation Angels, Nulldb, Hellbound Hearts, Maudlin, Intronaut, Inner Odyssey, System Annihilated, Borg 64, Something Unto Nothing, Snakeskin, Disbeliever, Vaduz, Rock Candy Funk Party, 7 Days Dead, Logic Of Denial, We Were Beautiful, Saltatio Mortis, Amon Ra, Exarsis, Trick Or Treat, Tomahawk, Treason, Spyon, Oprich, Coilguns, Anciients, Kingcrow, Screaming Eagles, Corpus Mortale, Francesco Marras, The Goddamn Electric, Centurian, Philip H Anselmo & Warbeast, Brotherhood Of The Lake, Alter Self, Bleed From Within, Leviatha, Gate 6, The Levitation Hex, Mind The Gaep, Beyond Mortality, Sad Eyes, Drowning Pool, Lucks Lane, Neal Morse, Ov Hollowness, Voices, Ofermod, Skadika, Xenosis, Unitopia, PLF, Taunted, The Smoking Hearts,Jungle Rot, Hill Of Kings, Officium Triste, Supuration,Okular, Venomous Maximus, Babyjane, Rage Of Angels, Thy Art Is Murder, Danger Angel, Goat Leaf, Liberty Lies, Lifesigns, Pombagira, Illnath, Alexander Schaedler, Libria, Mascot Parade, What Now, Exalt Cycle, Requiem, As They Burn, Ken Mode, Rings Of Saturn, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Mount Egonaut, Blood Tsunami, Tokyo Blade, Astronomikon, V/A – Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute, Deadlands, Krypts, Stick It Out, Memory Garden, Such Gold, Nocte Obducta, Wulfshon, Icons Of Brutality, Paul Raymond Project, Darkspace, Starfire, Covered Call, Existimmortal, L’endevl, Guns Of Glory, Sonic Temple, Dreamshade, Minutian, 7 Weeks, Pathogen, Tear Out The Heart, Scent Of Death, Valor, Donovan’s Devils, Oral Fistfuck, Bud Tribe, Rough Cut, Black Sound Empire, Black Market Serotonin, Youthquake, Juggernaught, Beyond The Shore, Cry Havoc, Firstborn, Barbarian Twins, Celtic Pride, Bobaflex, Indomite, Savoy Brown, Nader Sadek, Mandragora Scream, Dyst, Old Funeral, Vit, My Own Chaos, Right To The Void, Katalepsy, The Recovery, Pendact, The Eye, Disloyal, Lugnasad, Devourment, 2black, The New Black, Idols For Dinner, Innserseige, Off With Their Heads, Illumion, In Mourning, Light Among Shadows, Ancient Vvisdom, Dead Lord, Expurgate, Ragdoll, Woe, Hold The Fight, Macabre Demise, ETECC, Mike Tramp, Layla Milou, Empire Drowns, Mechanical God Creation, Exodia, Doro/Warlock, Fatal Impact, Coldsteel, Visions Of Atlantis, Subztain, Arroganz, Sophomore, Illnulla, Luna Ad Noctum, Demented, Virus, Dio, Thalamus, The Grand Trick, Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics, V/A – Zz Top Tribute, Onslaught, Emergency Gate, Cinderella, Bernie Marsden, Bastard Saints, Blockheads, Shouting Signals, UFO, UDO, Cut Yourself In Half, Benea Reach, Akarusa Yami, Orchid, Defeated Sanity, Cousin Sleaze, The Lidocaine, Aclesia, Sapiency, Enemo-J, Michael Schenker Group, ELO, Barclay James Harvest, Jeff Lynne, Turbogeist, Napalm Death, Ol, earthtone9, The Secret VI, Whitesnake.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 152
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