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Happy happy Helloween! “It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter how many albums you’ve done, because suddenly there’s a priority with the new one.It’s like being back twenty years: your tank is refilled completely, your energy is there again and you’re ready to go for another five or ten years,” says a re-energised Andy Deris. We chat to Saxon about their latest offering, plus we talk to Buckcherry, Pink Cream 69, Loudness, Voivod, WET, Shakra, Crashdiet, Audrey Horne, Snakecharmer, Riverside, Holy Grail, Warbeast, Vandroya, Taste and Your Army.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.



Buckcherry, Progpower Europe, Stone Sour, Motorhead, Anthrax, Rob Zombie, The who, Marilyn Manson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Papa Roach, Europe, Testament, Steve Vai, The Rasmus, Rick Springfield, Gojira, Blackmore’s Night, FM, Katatonia, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Hellyeah, Opeth, Anathema, The Wildhearts, Therapy?, Monster Magnet, Epica, It Bites, Sabaton, Eluveitie, Freedom Call, Sonata Arctica, Sodom, Royal Republic, Trillum, Ginger, Little Angels, Turbonegro, Graveyard, Malefice, The Treatment, Skin, Orden Ogan, Wisdom, Stream Of Passion, Kobra And The Lotus, Trepalium, Klone,My Sleeping Karma, Hawkeyes, Alan Reed, GospelOf The Horns, Diaries Of A Hero, Xerath, Alcest, Spiders, The Howling, Hounds, Ancient Ascendant, Junius.


Vandroya, Helloween, Loudness, Crashdiet, Audrey Horne, Aeon, Riverside, No Sign Of Life, W.E.T., Pig Destroyer, Shakra, Steve Lukather, Voivod, Walking Papers, Maveth, Aoria, Lord Agheros, Pink Cream 69, Fen, Three Seasons, Alpha Tiger, Snake Charmer.

Short Cuts

Neurosis, Holy Grail, Mors Principium Est, T&N, Aevangelist, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Pulled Apart By Horses, The Fallen Within, Cult Of Fire, Gorath, Everlasting Dawn, Paradox, Andre Matos, Blue Origin, Ocean Mind, Dödaren, Dan Reed, Torben Schmidt, Hellectricity, Bad Religion, Hang The Bastard, Heavenward, The Temperance Movement, Always Fallen, Riti Occulti, Udo, Alltheniko, 3 Doors Down, The Wild Lies, The Apostates, Haley Bowery & The Manimals, Incassum, Weapon, Nightwish, Humanity Delete, Mourn In Silence, Crowned In Earth, The Red Paintings, Hellbastard/Dresden, Struc/Tures, Jorn, Cloak Of Altering, Adorned Brood, Whyzdom, Danger Zone, Led Astray, Asylum Pyre, The Spokes, Silas, Resonance Project, Aurora, Blowsight, Smashing Pumpkins, Bison Bc, Edge, Guardians, Taste, Grai, Mehran, Wo Fat, Skrog, Civilization One, Player, Sapphire Eyes, Berkowitz, Red Lamb, Bleak Falls, Incantation, Hanging Garden, Pain Is, Evemaster, Heaven’s Basement, Bloodbeast, Dirty Sound Magnet, Galderia, Inner Sanctvm, Lord Fowl, Lionville, Revolving Door, Exxplorer, La Guns, Twelfth Night, Cursed Sun, In Aevum Aegre, Nukore, Skanska Mord, Blood On The Dancefloor, Dying Passion, Vektor, Showdown Boulevard, Caravan Of Whores, Amenra, Bigrough, Vicious Rumors, Void Of Sleep, Voodoma, Cystic Dysentery, Farewell To Arms, Enforcer, Time’s Forgotten, The Intersphere, Tommy Justice, Blackfoot, Nepente, Kruk, Adrenechrome, Show Your Face, The Karma Heart, John Tagliari, Free Fall, Gwyn Ashton, Seethe, The Very End, Tsar Bomb, Infernal Tenebra, Great White, Convergence Of Shadows, Hammerfall, Acrimonious, Plutonian Shores/A Transylvanian Funeral, Hell To Pay, Saille, Electric River, Dehumanized, Mcauley Schenker Group, Lowlands, Adrenalin, Departures, The Room, The Tequila Rockingbirds, The Val, Avastera, Corrosion Of Conformity, Thabu, Vishnu, Eversin, Man The Machetes, Red Eyes, La Reverie, Saratan, Porcupine Tree, Weeping Silence, Seed Of Sadness, Glass Wing Pilot, Paroxsihzem, Frosthelm, Chip Dimonick, Various Artists, Nightfall, Nigromantia, Crippled Black Phoenix, Diamond Dawn, Sandpaper Surprise, Zen Motel, Promethee, Dirt, Red Measure, Aluk Todolo, Vantage Point, Quadrivium, Hellsingland Underground, Atkins May Project, Plector, Leaving Eden, Old Corpse Road, Terrorvision, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Rainbow, Hatebreed, Endezzma, Kane Roberts, Ruins, Lavett, Death, Gov’t Mule, Terrorama, Paul Gilbert, Shysma, January Jane, Wake Up Call, Zuul, Nulldb, Wet Nightmare, Magoa, Fall Brawl, Pure Star Movement, Turbogeist, Last Barons, Bastard Of The Skies, Arbouretum, Saturnus, Mantric Muse, Weapons To Hunt, United Mind Club, Belasco, Bonemud, Hero’s Fate, Gates Of Dawn, Kowloon Walled City, Zombified, Witchcraft, Ryan Roxie, Silent Leges Inter Arma, Feuerseele, Order Of 315, Maxxwell, Desolate Shrine, Hawkwind, Re-Machined, Funeral, Hate, The Wakedead Gathering, In Solitude, Rush, Horseback & Locrian, Sven Larsson, Steel Vengeance, Stillborn Virtue, City Of Ashes, Acidcell, Violet Gibson, Veér, Manticore, Streetheart, Spys, Immension, The Suicide Bombers, Big Num, Chronographs, Yoar Army, The Self Titled.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 150
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