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 Describing his music as ‘wrongly beautiful’, HIM singer Ville Valo announces that the band, will be playing at Download festival next year. We catch up with radio rockers Hinder and Mickey Thomas from pop rockers Starship joins us for lunch. We talk to Destruction, AOR, Dante Fox, The Last Vegas, A Perfect Day, Pig Iron and junior Cavalera, Richie, about his band Incite. Plus we find out who the hell Gene The Werewolf is, we reflect on the many highs and lows of 2012,  and our Pro-File spotlight shines on Trivium’s Matt Heafy.


 AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.


Slash, Firefest, Journey, Asia, Trivium, Shinedown, Lacuna Coil, Dragonforce, Bowling For Soup, Loverboy, Marduk, Epica, Wednesday 13, Evile, As I Lay Dying, Caliban, Wolf, Alestorm, Pentagram, Huntress, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Wolfsbane, Immolation, De Profundis, Redlight King, Hark, Forsaken World, Warbeast, Iona, Exit Ten, Gentlemans Pistols, Upon A Burning Body.


Gene The Werewolf, Absolva, Ill Nino, Destruction, Gloria Morti, Nubian Rose, Fullforce, Heart, Aeon, Ragnarok, Sister Sin, Forgotten Souls, By The Patient, Skelerata, Bloodbound, Fogalord, Electric Hellride, Broken Links, Pig Iron, Black Country Communion.


Steve Hackett, Maiden United, Hinder, Danko Jones, Sicadis, Porta Nigra, Kaotik, Otep, Blutmond, Fahran, Symphony Of Symbols, HIM, Toundra, Lord Of The Lost, Blynd, Acid Brains, Reckless Love, Ruinside, Shining, Bloodshed Walhalla, Vision, Bane, Lizzard, Bleakfalls, Loudness, The Black Explosion, Dynfari, Flash Bastard, Sectorial, Mycelia, Blood Of The Sun, Kerbdog, S-Core, Munrunthel, Hellcannon, Helreidh, Naughty Whisper, Hell Militia, God Seed, Viter, Tin Soldiers, Avatar, Babylon Fire, The Everdawn, Knieval Genius, Execration, Awoi, Bad Mouth, Bonham, Cars On Fire, Turbocharged, Alastor, Forgotten Tomb, Nya, Warrior Soul, Finsterforst, The Intersphere, Angra, Seven Kingdoms, Confidence, Balls Deep, World Fire Brigade, Ibridoma, Dare, Bust A Move, History Of The Hawk, Pertness, Razzmattazz, The Action Plan, Mammoth Mammoth, Access Denied, Kattah, Germ, Nidingr, Peter Dolving, Love.Might.Kill, Cirith Gorgor, Mongrel, Fans Of Faye, The Fat Dukes Of Fuck, Dunderbeist, Maximum RnR, Galvano, Bad Powers, 8th Sin, 9mm, The Gardnerz, Raw, Jim Capaldi, Fathoms, Skeletal Remains, Speaking To Stones, Feast, Khaos, Nine Covens, Heavy Water Experiments, Varg, Pavilions, Erupted, Dark Sky, Revengia, Flying, Jefferson Starship, Brownsville Station, Faithful Darkness, Dio, Stingray, On Pain Of Death, Retaliatory Measures, Vanderbuyst, Blood Command, Dead Harts, Majesty Of Revival, Isis, Kill Ritual, Frail Grounds, Flemt, Departures, Beverley Mcclellan, Tempus Fusion, Circle Of Reason, Matenrou Opera, Maelstrom, Kylesa, Process, Run From Robots, Ripe, Sven Larsson, Lover Under Cover, Danger Zone, Holy Dragons, Destinity, Whispering Tales, Ash Grunwald, Kotipelto & Liimatainen, The Creptter Children, The Amity Affliction, Daemonicus, Dawn Of Winter, Krisiun, Marduk, Dirty Passion, The Green River Burial, Beholder, Reign Of Fury, And Eccentric Agent, Bloody Hammers, The Reasoning, Warnot, Stuka Squadron, The Cockney Rejects, Invader, Trollech, A Tale Of Two Cities, GTS, Custard, Red Tide Rising, Galahad, Ashes You Leave, Deserted Fear, Doctor Speed, Troubled Horse, P.S.H., Karnival Korpus, Revolution Within, Vexillum, The Haarp Machine, Forcentury, The Last Word, Dirty Lips, The Moor, Megadeth, Raising The Veil, Rebellion, The9thCell, Absolution, Jethro Tull, Asia, Pteroglyph, Harm, Threshold, St Prostitute, Germán Pascual, Wolfsbane, Wednesday 13, Kamikaze Test Pilots, Vera Cruz, Royal Hunt, Rawburt, Stormrider, Steel Vengeance, Mortor, Heavy Metal Kids, Manhattan Coast, The Last Vegas, Snailking, Y&T, AOR, A Perfect Day, Quiet Riot, Abstractor.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 149
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