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 From drugs and alcohol abuse, to struggling relationships, Jacoby Shaddix shares his darkest moments, as reflected on new album “The Connection”. We get up close with Jyrki from The 69 Eyes, plus we chat to Devin Townsend about his amazing new album, Skunk Anansie return with a new disc, Neal Schon gives us some solo guitar delight, Magnum continue their recent form with a wonderful new release, and we catch up with Ten, Neal Morse, Elvenking, Between The Buried And Me, Obsession, Beyond All Recognition and batshit mental Swedes Royal Republic. We also chat to all of the bands who played the landmark Southern Cross Festival and we Pro-File Brent Smith from Shinedown.


 AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Stateside Cuts, Multimedia.


Bloodstock Festival, Southern Cross Festival, Testament, Ministry, Blackberry Smoke, Kobra & The Lotus, Crash Diet, The Last Vegas, Wildstreet, Wicked, Scarlett Riot, Kylesa, Estrella, Arke, Jacknife Holiday, Bastard Of The Skies.


Devin Townsend, Skunk Ananie, Elvenking, Neal Morse, Between The Buried And Me, Sylosis, Winterfylleth, Monuments, Royal Republic, Die Hard, This Or The Apocalypse, Monument, The 69 Eyes, Black Majesty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Satan’s Wrath, Enslaved

Neal Schon.


Papa Roach, Linear Sphere, Kaipa, Prototype, Auroch, Kemilon, Cauldron, Circle Ii Circle, Nightstalker, The Mystery, Phantom-X, Kontnuum, The Dollyrots, Spires, Obsession, Poison Idea, Satanika, The Chariot, Jeerk, Broken Hand Charity, Kvlt Of Hiob, Sacred Groove, Darktribe, Vinnie Moore, Bonrud, Ramesses, Altar Of Oblivion, Dream Master, Ashentide, Kamikaze Kings, Coexistence, V/A – Darkthrone Tribute, Beardfish, Cannon, At The Skylines, Eagle Twin, Undercroft, Entartung, Unlit Face, Big Dix, Grog, Driven, Black Magician, Wallner & Vain, Lumus, Coralspin, Scornage, Helstar, Big Engine, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Simon Mcbride, Tarja, White Clouds And Gunfire, Munruthel, Cultfinder, Alunah, Flayed Disciple, Beyond All Recognition, Enemyside, Spirit, Nicumo, Obscenity, Laser Flames On The Great Big News, Scarlet Anger, Cauls, Charlie Indestructible, Sacred Groove, Wardrum, Boyjazz, Nations Afire, Pagan Altar, Decline Of The I, Bones & Comfort, Causa, Lavellion, Abraham, Blutvial, Teri Desario, Youngblood, Over Your Threshold, Ektomorf, Ladybird, One Soul Thrust, Tu Amore, Sybreed, Locrian, Violet Gibson, Farseer, Witchcraft, The Maine, Fraze Gang, Skysent Lu, UFO, Neutron Hammer, Johnny Get The Gun, Bowling For Soup, Joshua, Crystal Viper, Iron Mask, Junkfoxx, Mortdelamer, Khold, Devil, Sons Of Otis, Engorgement, Neptune Towers, Bauda, War/Plague, Andy Rock, Superintendent, Unherz, Vesen, Purification, The Casualties, Bakken, Valfreya, Soil, Circle 7, Lustre, Incarnit, Black Light Burns, I Spit Ashes, Klaus Schubert, Armonight, Paris, Tortorum, Zodiac, Lost Persona, Eternity, Dirty Diamonds, Ten, Silencer, Xibalba, Venefica, Viva La Venus, Volksmetal, Fastway, The Undivided, Nathorg, Threshold, Thy Darkened Shade, Vitruvian Man, Glowsun, The Pineapple Thief, Blut Aus Nord, Space Mirror, Down, Jack White, The Ordeal, Anvil, Arke, Vision Divine, Spheric Universe Experience, V/A – Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute, La Guns, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Guttergodz, Within Destruction, Hundred Days, Graveworm, Sacred Mother Tongue, Nogod, Nova Art, Pereira, Me & The Rest, The Brimstone Days, Section A, Harlequin, Fliptop Box, Just Like Vinyl, Lionheart, Sucioperro, Malefice, FM, Dokken.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 147
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