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Maria Brink takes centre stage again this month when she talks to us about In This Moment’s latest release, “Blood”. We talk to Testament about their latest release, Powerplay album of the month “Dark Roots Of Earth”. And we chat to Ugly Kid Joe, back together after fifteen years apart, plus Mark Tremonti about his debut solo album, and Threshold, Loverboy, Harry Hess, Fatal Force, Kobra And The Lotus, Vore, Striker, and Cornerstone. We also catch up with new band Attika 7, which features ex members of Biohazard, Ministry, Prong and Static-X, and we have a Pro-File of Goo Goo Dolls singer John Rzeznik.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia, Stateside Cuts.



Download Festival, Megadeth, Bachman Turner, Ugly Kid Joe, Gojira, Fozzy, Sanguine, Butcher Babies, Texas In July, Dave Evans, Swanee River, Whiskey And Lace, Auburn, The Hype Theory, Laid 8, Xibalba, Crows, Knifecrimes, Esoteric Youth.



Testament, Tremonti, Kobra And The Lotus, Dying Fetus, Pictured, Titans Eve, Thormesis, Korpiklaani, Waylander, Shadows Fall, Loverboy, Ensiferum, Gaskin, Hess, Eclipse.



Hellyeah, Docker’s Guild, Fatal Force, Sacred Blood, Spit Like This, Dethonator, Our Flaws Remain, Metalhead, Glass Cloud, Reverence, Raw In Sec, Vesperian Sorrow, Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi, Vore, Ally The Fiddle, Attika 7, Seven Deadly, The Forsaken, Selbstentleibung, Zonaria, One Without, Awaken Demons, Mortal Infinity, V/A – The Secret Sessions, Laster, Overhead, Natur, Drone, Syncromind Project, Kids Can’t Fly, Forefather, Trepalium, Trucker Diablo, The Prophecy 23, Back To The Sea, Beyond Betrayal, Abazagorath, Illidiance, Crucified Barbara, Bestial Holocaust, Acid Death, Band Of Volunteers, Doctor Speed, 6th Awakening, Jessie Galante, Thousand Autumns, Borgne, Order Of Nine, Prayer, Arstidir Lifsins, The Other, Orpheum, Acephalix, Tankard, Cripper, Kill The Conversation, Power Theory, Into Ruins, Stabbing Westward, Late Night Fiction, Dew-Scented, Devilish Impressions, Black Bay, Scar For Life, Shadowsphere, King Of Asgard, Gorefest, October Sky, Enabler, Yellow Fried Chickenz, Ordinary Brainwash, Elisium, Burning Love, Ephel Duath, The Way Of Purity, Grime, Noko, Grave Desecrator, The Vim Dicta, Levania, V/A – Emperor Tribute, Canaan, Slipknot, Grave Digger, Abhorrence, Huron, Coffin Texts, Tank, Hellwell, Inner Blast, Boy Jumps Ship, Huata, Perzonal War, Mangoo, The Stompcrash, Breed Of Burden, Meredine, Livarkahil, Thornafire, Striker, Morgoth, Heathen Beast, Empire, Dyslexic Postcard, Sledge Leather, Zombiefication, Necrovation, The City Divided, Master And The Mule, Loadsamoon, Fair Of Freaks, Colobar, Lastwind, My Hidden Phobia, Morre, Max Navarro, Deathtale, Bachman & Turner, Fates Warning, Triumph, Deathronation, Bad Touch, Sanguine, Neuronia, Cold Chisel, Greenleaf, Dust Bolt, Wolfbrigade, Hyperdump, Helldorados, Tomorrow’s Outlook, Napalm Death, Bleeding Utopia, Bad Poetry Band, Dragonsclaw, In This Moment, Fatal Smile, Spineshank, Threshold, Begrime Exemious, Periphery.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 145
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