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Featuring improvised drums, funky new Rush album “Clockwork Angels” is a revelation. Alex Lifeson shares the story of the album with Powerplay. We talk to rising Irish rockers Million Dollar Reload about their superb second album. And we chat to Luca Turilli about the first Rhapsody album since the band was split in two, plus we join Bullet In Germany and spend time with Katatonia in London. We also catch up with back-on-the scene hottie Lita Ford, Asia, Herman Frank, The Flower Kings, Fiona, and Soul Sacrifice, and we look at the new bad boys of rock and we have a Pro-File of Slipknot and Murderdolls man Joey Jordison.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia, Stateside Cuts.


Ten, Slash, Michael Schenker Group, Delain, Loudness, Serpentine, White Wizzard, Arch-Matheos, Behemoth, Watain, Prong,
Primordial, Hell, Aura Noir, Trillium, Halycon Way, Demon Hunter, Superbutt, Wildside Riot, The Devil’s Blood, I Am I, In Solitude, Winterfylleth.


Herman Frank, Asia, Lita Ford, Wigelius, Hartmann, Manyann Cotton, The Flower Kings, Whitechapel, Raw, Gin Lady, Architects, Angel King, Kopek, Marauder, Diamond Dog, Chaosweaver, Million Dollar Reload.


Prisma, I Am I, Ginger, Effloresce, Fury, Brotherhood Of The Lake, Bonded By Blood, Dead City Ruins, Cyclophonia, The Charm The Fury, The Reticent, Catuvolcus, Vantage Point, Havok, Darkside Of Innocence, Pigs, Silverjet, The Gloria Story, Hekz, Bande De La Muerte, Adrian Weiss, Cardiac Arrest, Patrick Hemer, Apparition, 4th Dimension, Staind, Mitch Laddie, Twighlight’s Embrace, Emina, Sun Gods In Exile, Instill, Sworn To Oath, Demon Lung, Recreate The Sun, Eths, Nexhymn, Invaders, Blind Guardian, Cherries On A Blacklist, Ewigheim, Henrik Freischlader, The Vice, Gruhak, Hasse Froberg And Musical Companion, Dana Jade, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Jenx, Advent Of Bedlam, Malice, Atlantyca, Litrosis, Gypsyhawk, Humble Pie, The Brew, Worlds Apart, The Iniquity Descent, Seth, Roachclip, Bilocate, Jaded Past, Miseration, Von Hertzen Brothers, Lord Shades, Reaper, Chaos Inception, Chaos Theory, Chaos Asylum, Lesbian Bed Death, Soul Sacrifice, Marty Friedman, Brent Enman, Asaru, Memories Of A Dead Man, Oxygen, Primary Colors, Ne Obliviscaris, 5 Star Grave, Livin Garden, Swanee River, Venial Sin, Matt Edwards, David A Saylor, Dehuman, Mutagenocide, Saxon, Confidence, September Mourning, Spanking Charlene, Ereb Altor, Castle, Fist Full Of Lies, Rosco Levee, Black Tamanous, X Contract, Never To Arise, This Elegant Chaos, Torian, Mcauley Schenker Group, JD & The FDCS, The Cory Smoot Experiment, Surreal, Stormcrow, Kraanium, The Gas Mask Society, Hopeless Heroic, Offending, Essenz, Human Debris, Daniel Trigger, Blind Ambitions, Root Deco, Pathfinder, Lantern For A Gale, Hangfire, New Manic Spree, Suzi Quatro, Thunderkraft, Disarm Goliath, Phantom, Rocker & Slick, Hexen, Soulline, Sicktrust, Vintersorg, My Favourite Runner Up, 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Bonfire, Dark Princess, Moonless, Xasthur, Bury Tomorrow, Laurence Jones, Merrimack, In Clear Sight, Peepshow, Player, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Old Ironsides, Vorpal Nomad, Disaffected, Ninth Circle, Dark New Day, We Caught The Castle, Mortillery, Miss May I , Lit, Agyl, Scythe Of Orion, Bad Brains, All Too Human, Tommy Bolin And Friends, Mercury Tide, Godsmack, Exodus, Saxon, Watch Me Bleed, Winter In Eden, Ted Nugent, Dogbane, Crashdiet, Stalwart, Solity.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 144
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