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Slash tells us all about his wonderfully retro sounding new album with Myles Kennedy, “Apocalyptic Love”. Gotthard return with a new singer and a fantastic new album. Plus we chat to Fear Factory, Richard Marx, Jorn, Delain, Driver, Gojira, Candlemass, Crystal Viper, Nico Tamburella, Headspace, End Of September, and we bring you our annual preview of the best of the world’s summer festival action, plus Pro-Files of Epica singer Simone Simons and Papa Roach front man Jacobi Shaddix.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia, Stateside Cuts.


Nico Tamburella, Meshuggah, Mastodon, Opeth, Turisas, The Quireboys, Ghost, Alestorm, Arkona, Parkway Drive, Ancient VVisdom, Necronomicon, Christian Mistress, Pat McManus Band, Ikillya, Animals As Leaders, We Are Knuckle Dragger,
The Ghost Inside, Miss May I, Huntress, Confession.


Slash, Kreator, Gotthard, The Murder Of My Sweet, Headspace, 69 Chambers, Syn Ze Sase Tri, Candlemass, White Skull, End Of September, Affector, Delain, Barbe-Q-Barbies, Shadowside, Hydrogyn, Crystal Viper, Gojira, Fear Factory, Richard Marx.


Driver, Holy Moses, Cattle Decapitation, Empires Of Eden, Engel, Koritni, Galahad, Ihsahn, The Kordz, Nile, Katana, Svyatogor, Nachtblut, Vladimirs, Emptiness, Teramaze, Baby Godzilla, You Had Me A T Hello, Darren Grant, Frames, Estrella, Joey Summer, Limozine, Royal Thunder, Deadborn, Dreaming Dead, Blacklodge, AA=, Zoltar Speaks, De Profundis, Killing Joke, Kane Roberts, Craaft, Electrocution, Tombstones, Ohmphrey, Catamenia, Dødheimsgard, The Massacre Cave, Squackett, Freedom Hawk, Philm, Lars Eric Mattsson, Book Of Reflection, Freedom Slaves, Sticky Boys, Tesseract, George Gakis, The Smears, Thirteenth Sign, Fisthammer, Polution, The Grotesquery, Touchstone, Children Of Bodom, Hierosonic, Ides Of Gemini, Hour Of 13, Odyssey, Faal, Torche, General Surgery, Blackmoth, Fingernails, Thee Orakle, Gehenna, The Foreshadowing, Moonloop, Hypnos, Battle For Paris, Steel Assassin, Teramaze, Yossi Sassi, Silence, Cactus, ICO, Mekong Delta, Doctor Speed, Bullet Train Blast, Hellish Outcast, Pastel Jack, Mydra, Aquilus, Horseback, Adramelch, Allegaeon, Winter’s Verge, Pelleck, Death By Chocolate, The Great Old Ones, No Quarter, ZZ Top, Nightmare, Phi, Anger As Art, Alexander Paul Blake, Heart Of A Coward, Six Feet Under, Dennis Develin, The Dark Sinatras, Kain, Roadmaster, Mike Paradine Group, Blood Of The Spectre, Carach Angren, Another Destiny Project, Obolus, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Wild Frontier, Mary Major, Invertigo, Heaven Rain, Sacred Heart, Uriah Heep, Molly Hatchet, Anhedonist, Shaped By Fate, Egos At The Door, Status Minor, Udo, Funeral In Heaven, Plecto Aliquem Capite, Dakota, Jettblack, Burzum, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Stick To Your Guns, Marduk, Seita, Ahab, Boulevard, Unsane, Lazarus Syndrome, Max Webster, Deep Purple, The Rabid Whole, John Taglieri, Fly This For Me, Black Burn, Dwellers, The Tide Will Take Us, Reinxeed, Thin Lizzy, Last Kingdom, Carmen Gray, Darkthrone, 16, Nachtvorst, The Sun Explodes, Jorn, Marcel Coenen, Charlie Shred, Privilege Of Approval, Sympathy For Nothing, Gov’t Mule, Suzi Quatro, Big Daisy, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Ruthless, Deride, Tribune, Trashist Regime, Circus Maximus, Airspeed, Grand Magus, Blue Gillespie, Foreigner, Anvil, Counter-World Experience, Sabaton, Death Of An Artist, Gun.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 143
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