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We bring you the first preview from Angel Studios of Powerplay favourites Nightwish’s spectacular new masterpiece “Imaginaerum”, plus lunatic rockers Steel Panther return with their highly anticipated second album and we have interview with Megadeth, Machine Head, Iced Earth, Wednesday 13, Reckless Love, Dead By April, Staind, Onslaught, Visions Of Atlantis, Grand Design, Trillium, The Word Alive, the bands on Smokehead Rocks Back To The Start tour, and a Wolf Hoffman Pro-File.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia, Beg Borrow or Steal.



George Thorogood And The Deleware Destroyers, Rockstar Uproar Festival, Michael Monroe, Firewind, Blackmore’s Night, Wolf, Sabaton, Rogue Male, Wildstreet, Veins Of Jenna, Falling Red, Motley Crew UK.



Five Finger Death Punch, Chickenfoot, Megadeth, The Rotted, Steel Panther, Dead By April, Reckless Love, Grand Illusion, Wednesday 13, Insomnium, Single Bullet Theory, Divine Ascension, Gurd, No Sky Today, Nightwish.



Amoral, Shy, Anubis Gate, Deadly Carnage, Almah, Proselyte, Foreigner, Lifeless, Human Sculpture, Hammers Of Misfortune, Rubik 1138, The Union, Johnfish Sparkle, Roadhouse, Shoot The Breeze: Nomadism, Screaming Shadows, Hardcore Superstar, Leather Nun America, The Magnificent, Pendragon, Seventh Sin, Obrero, Bloodbound, Absu, Graveworm, Gallows Pole, Rain, Helhorse, Messenger, An Autumn For Crippled Childred, Prehate, Sort By Title, Christgrinder, Kamchatka, Diamond Plate, Switchfoot, Voodoo Johnson, Malicious, Sencelled, Unexpect, Awake, ‘77, Arven, Poppa Chubby, In Archives, Agincourt, Entrails, Badmouth, Against The Flood, Mage, Exxplorer, Grand Design, Texas In July, Solely Mourning, Chris Duarte Group, Dick Delicious And The Tasty Testicles, Thrall, Bahimiron, 3, Knock Out Kane, Planet Brain, Isole, Gary Barden, Anathema, Night In Gales, Trucker Diablo, Snakebite, Eternal Gray, Houston, Mind Museum, Lo!, Tracer, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Lonely Kamel, Electric Mary, Dream Master, Scythia, Stielas Storhett, Slingblade, Sinner, Khold, Emil Bulls, Entrench, Necropsy, Hemoptsis, David R Black, Close Quarters, Threat Signal, Chicago, No Empathy, Suidakra, Obrero, Glyder, Transnight, The Horde, Visions Of Atlantis, River Dogs, Doomed From Day One, Chillhounds, Until Dawn, Silvain Rouvier’s Kaktus Proiject, Majesty, Butch Walker And The Black Widows, Throne Of Katarsis, Girlschool, Dark Throne, Twister, Wisdom, Byron Nemeth Group, Serpent Ascending, Decaying, Morbid Angel, Yes, Griffar, Uriah Heep, Deathbed Confessional, Scutty Neighbours, Inferno, Sincera, Ichor, Hypocrisy, Touchstone, Mecca, Kittie, Boguslaw Belcerak’s Crylord, Rwake, Aclla, Lydia’s Gemstone, Red Enemy, Evil United, Tsjuder, Saligia, Crystal Ball, Solstafir, Siamese Fighting Fish, Blue October, Heartland, 9mm, Painted Black, Saturday Night Strike, Solna, Mortad, Kandia, Trillium, Mourning Caress.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 137
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