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We talk to Florida heavyweights Trivium, who have hit a home run with their fifth album, a return to their dark metalcore rootswith surprising touches of black metal. Plus we interview Thin Lizzy, Theory Of A Deadman, Richard Marx, George Lynch,Anvil, Airrace, Communic, Outloud, Iwrestledabearonce, Straight Line Stitch, Rival Sons and Skalmold.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Download festival, Deep Purple, Journey, Foreigner, Styx, 3 Doors Down, Night Ranger, Airrace, Loudness, Dio Disciples, The Rods, The Crave, 40 Watt Sun, Fen, Craven Idol, Isola.


Trivium, George Lynch, Iwrestledabearonce, Communic, Anvil, Stonelake, Airrace, TM Revolution, Love.Might.Kill, Powerwolf, Sergeant Steel, Jasta, Earth Crisis, Straight Line Stitch, All Shall Perish, Lock Up, Decapitated, Outloud.


Reinxeed, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Omega Lithium, Fair To Midland, 66crusher, Deep Rising, Consortium Project V, The Belonging, Last Winter, Amnis Nihili, Cleveland, Imicus, My Dying Bride, Bowling For Soup, Baaba Kulka, Kottak, Degradead, Dekapitator, Beyond The Vortex, The Crevices Below, Kladovest, Holy Martyr, Skiller, Rob Moratti, Action Replay, World Under Blood, Fistula, Dino Fiorenza, October Sky, SOS, Black Oath, Rise And Shine, Sweet Savage, Guru, Necrovorous, Nitzinger, Skalmold, Belladonna, Grief Of Emerald, Assassin, Planet 9, Heights, Ura-Kia, Lionville, The Alex Skolnick Trio, Franke & The Knockouts, Android Meme, Jamie Allen, Weeping Silence, Last Known Addiction, Fullforce, Elitist, Candlemass, Those Dirty Words, Switchtense, Rory Gallagher, Kruk, Spiegelkeller, Danmaku, Fornost Arnor, Kamikaze Test Pilots, V/A – Embrace The Sun, Mother’s Army, Sounder, G Love, Tadeschi-Trucks Band, JD Overdrive, V/A – Split Roast, Rote Mare, Death, Sold Out, The Lonely H, Swurve, Serpentcult, God’s Hotel, Pharaoh Overlord, Tormented, Norbert Krief, Demolition, Cloak Of Altering, Diamond Lane, Mortualia, Roxxcalibur, Behemoth, Hercules, Shraphead, Through Your Silence, Looking For An Answer, Enspier, Lebowski, Corpus Christii, Diamondog, Quireboys, Nera Nature, The Human Abstract, Ruins, The Silent Rage, For The Fallen Dreams, Ruins Of Earth, Bai Bang, Indigo Darkpsyche, Knifeworld, Crescendolls, T.T.J (Troubletribe Japan), UFO, Slideshow, Holy Rage, Bitch, Victory, Katatonia, John Wetton, Nemesis, Rhose Island Red, Legacy Of Emptiness, Beyond The Labyrinth, Forgotten Tears, At The Gates, Sorehead, The Scoundrels, Better Tomorrow, Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur, Noctisdark, Kult Of Erineyes, Gloria Story, Moon, Immortal Empire, Lorenza Woods, Hornet, The Skeltal, Smirnov, Exhumed, Vader, Furyu, The Konsortium, Houston, Battlecross, General Surgery, Orpheus, V/A – The Afterparty Massacre Ost, Job For A Cowboy, Throne Of Molok, Stuka Squadron, Suicide Silence, Alberto Rigoni, Weekend Nachos, Svartsot, Witchgrave, Dead Eyed Sleeper, Skarlett Riot, Strawbs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Stormtroopers, Tombs, Numen, Amethyst, Grinspoon, The Living Fields, Bloodhed Valhalla, The Air I Breathe, SSS, We Die Tonight, Theory Of A Deadman, Malefice, Nerocapra, Consfearcy, The Rods, Kauan, Laconia, The Living Daylights, Drakar, Nightbitch, Gno, Mostly Autumn, No Americana, Skraeckoedelan, If Only, Before The Rain, Die Verboten, Slam Cartel, Semic Stains, Jorn, Hang The Bastard, Xorigin, Koltdown, Atlas Losing Grip, Toby Hitchcock, D Drive, Work Of Art, Raygun Rebels.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 134
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