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Anders Friden talks to Powerplay about the surprisingly diverse new album from In Flames, “Sounds Of A Playground Fading”. We also talk to Andy Sneap about the fantastic Hell album and Joe Elliott about Def Leppard’s first ever live release, plus we join Edguy in Germany and Von Hertzen Brothers in Finland. Also this month, Geoff Tate tells us about Queensryche’s new direction on their latest release, and we have interviews with Night Ranger, My Dying Bride, The Rods, Draconian, David Reece, The Chariot, Stormwarrior, and Byfrost.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Rush, Whitesnake, Glenn Hughes, Skindred, The Alarm, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Earthtone9, Von Hertzen Brothers, The Ocean, Heaven’s Basement, Jettblack, Chiodos, Ava Inferi, Soilent Green, Dripback, Ziyos, Full Thrash Assault festival.


Symphony X, Sepultura, Rhapsody Of Fire, In Flames, Queensryche, Reece Kronlund, Night Ranger, Def Leppard, Rival Sons, Stream Of Passion, Borealis, Neal Morse, Stormwarrior, Draconian, Byfrost, Shining, Sacred Legacy.


Electric Boys, Autopsy, Riverge, The Urban Voodoo Machine, Anima Morte, Shadowman, With One Last Breath, Bleeding Fist, David Mark Pearce, Buried In Black, The Vagrants, Skeletal Damage, Bodyfarm, Electric Woodland, Nomad, Fallen Sanctuary, The Black Dahlia Murder, Reign Of Fury, Whitesnake, Lucid Dream, Black Tusk, Skansis, Kaiserreich, By Blood Alone, Garage Days, V/A – The Best Of Melodic Rock, Nether Regions, Decrepid, The Soulless, Promethee, Fights And Fires, Iron Maiden, Saga, Barn Burner, George & G, King Of Hearts, Deviant Syndrome, Thantoschizo, Merciless Terror, Evoken, Departures, X Opus, V/A – New Noise Attack, Still Life, Territory, I The Witch, Honey For Christ, Marienbad, Haemorrhage, Dawn Trader, Soren Andersen, Social Suicide, Vatican Roulette, Catalepsy, Release The Kraken, Ogen, Turbocharged, Speed Limit, Inmoria, Firebrand Super Rock, Not Too Late, Iperyt, Head:Stoned, The Violet May, Beyond Description, Envyra, Vanderbuyst, Warfare, Streak Number Eight, Guitar Wolf, Satarial, Sun Caged, Black Sand, Ramrods, Intensus, Molly Hatchet, Sarah Jezebel Deva, Supreme Pain, Tornado, Grabak, Exeloume, Earthride, Smalltown Nobodies, Chaos Beyond, Wolvespirit, Winterus, Inevitable End, Sleeping With Sirens, Seven Witches, Unholy, Shear, Stampede, Virgin Steele, Ozzy Osbourne, Eisbrecher, Sanchez, Black Lips, Black Sabbath, Dripback, Gravehill, Synthesis, Breaking The Day, Wolfhead, Shadowlight, Mastiphal, Ken Hensley & Live Fire, Sandra Dee, Versus  You/White Flag, Aenaon, The Baclout Argument, David Roberts, Arbalest, Damngod, Sourveign, Voodoo Terror Tribe, My Darkest Days, Hyperborean, Horseback, Kamp David, Three Wishes, TNA, Codego, Redeem, In Legend, Jerusalem, Artizan, To What End, A Pales Horse Named Death, Frankie Miller, Edge Of Reason, Manic Depression, Legend, While Heaven Wept, The Sound Of The Mountain, Manic Movement, Thurisaz, Subliritum, Aristillus, Merging Flare, Loudblast, Status Quo, Gozer, Kamelot, Crucifiction, Gentlemen’s Pistols, Edgehill Avenue, Triggerfinger, Theatre Of Tragedy, Schattenreich, Ingested, Harm, Epsilon, Giants Of Jupiter.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 133
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