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In one of his most frank interviews ever, Glenn Hughes shares the highs and lows of his incredible career and talks about his latest, and by his own admission greatest, new offering, the absolutely fantastic sophomore Black Country Communion album. Journey wow us with their hard rockin’ new album, we talk to the madcap Devin Townsend, Black Stone Cherry prove that they are shooting for the big time, and we catch up with the thrastastic Evile in the studio. Plus we chat to Arch Enemy, Twisted Sister, Thin Lizzy. Nazareth, UDO, Amorphis, Black N Blue, Alestorm, Elevener, Tyr, The Defiled, Tesseract, and 40 Watt Sun.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Full Thrash Assault festival, Fused festival, Metieval Requiem festival, British Steel V festival, Children Of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Twisted Sister, Machinae Supremacy, Saxon, Magnum, Symphony X, Down N’ Outz, Kix, Overkill, Michael Monroe, Destruction, Heathen, Houston, Delain, Serenity, Lost In Thought, Serpentine, Vega, Wolfsbane, Kyuss Lives, Holy Grail, Cauldron, Underoath, Deaf Havana, Devil Sold His Soul, Stuka Squadron, The Jokers, Voodoo Six, Blood Cargo, Burden, Asomvel.


Black Stone Cherry, Black Country Commuinion, Arch Enemy, Pain, Amorphis, Alestorm, Elevener, Tarot, Black N Blue, Hell, Pagan’s Mind, Hate Eternal, Vomitory, Hammerfall, Warrant, Xerath, Journey.

Short Cuts

Cypherseer, Saxon, Speed Kill Hate, Gallhammer, The Kordz, Dead Letter Circus, Gamma Ray, Wizard’s Beard, Aosoth, Maybeshewill, Graal, The New Saints, Kingfisher Sky, Avril Lavigne, Elegently Wasted, Williams Friestedt, Burden, Villianizer, Forgotten Tomb, Talanas, Blut Aus Nord, Akrya, Ilsa, Zifir, Legacy Of Emptiness, Devilish Presley, Insidead, Waves, Arkona, Absolute Power, Romeo Muist Die, Roulette, Cynthesis, Los Lonely Boys, Attica Rage, Rhino Bucket, Hard, 20 Dollar Love, Alpha Tiger, Year Of The Goat, Cerebral Bore, Zero Illusion, Sectu, Repuked, Tremors, Requiem, Never Means Maybe, Imperial State Electric, Mike Tramp & The Rock N Roll Circuz, Fatal Infusion, Solstorm, Abrasive, Pylon, Pathfinder, Tormenta, Alchera, Beautiful Beast, The Trews, Rush, The Alarm, Saliva, Dorian Opera, Opensight, Mordecai, Indian, Heart In Hand, El Camino, Wake Up Call, For All We Know, Origin, Maim, Legio Mortis, Blue Dawn, Zeroaster, Gudars Skymming, Steve Hackett, Witches Brew, Dyslexic Love, Abrogation, The Axis Of Perdition, Hrizg, As We Fight/The Psyke Project, Split Heaven, Cypher16, UDO, Modern Superstar, Bravura, Exeloume, Swamp Freaks, Castle, Taletellers, Ipsissimus, Floggin Molly, Marvel, Portrait, Satan’s Host, Methodica, Sister, Waldgefluster, Hell Icon, Poor Genetic Material, Infestus, Pallas, Lord Of The Lost, Karma To Burn, Come Out Firing, Execration, Crusader, In Legend, Sweet Jane, Rich Gordon, Sancta Sanctorum, Warrant, Power Theory, The Rockford Mules, Artizan, Circle Of Silence, Curse, Johnny Engstrom Band, Pestilence, Albany Down, Pendragon, Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, True Widow, Radio Dead Ones, Gernotshagen, Power Beyond, Neil Zaza, Fortune Favours The Brave, The Identity, Nazareth, Hierophant, Vrani Volosa, Lars Eric Mattsson, Valsans, The Granules, Little Caesar, Baptized In Blood, Dave Mathews Band, Haeresiarchs Of Dis, Emerald Sun, Sator, Kromlek, David Byron, Ratzinger, League Of Lights, Dust And Bones, Joe Mizzi, Pegazus, Peace Of Rock, V/A – Rock For Japan, Mojo Fury, Ultimatum, Savatage, Pequod, Dodheimsgard, Falconer, Factory Of Dreams, Vermin, The Satellite Year, Spearhead, Big Country, Ana Kefr, Thorns V Emperor, The Black, Frantic Amber, Bad Habits, Loveblast.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 132
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