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Whitesnake, Within Temptation, Manowar, The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Crowbar, Power Quest, Eden’s Curse, Cavalera Conspiracy, Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Ralf Scheepers, M.ill.ion, Heavenwood, Black Veil Brides, Enbound, Graveyard, Above Symmetry, and a pro-file of Vinny Paul.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Black Label Society, Motorhead, Rob Zombie, Murderdolls, Europe, Skindred, Clutch, Immortal, Evile, Anathema, Nashville Pussy, Sodom, Valient Thorr, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Black Veil Brides, Black Spiders, Godsized, Eluveitie, The Defiled, Elimination, Mutant, Angels And Airwaves, Holy Grail, North Atlantic Oscillation, Neon Trees, Gazpacho.



Within Temptation, Eden’s Curse, Whitesnake, Scar Symmetry, Amon Amarth, China, 40 Watt Sun, Cavalera Conspiracy, Power Quest, Obscura, Bloodbound, Desultory, The Haunted, New York Dolls, Children Of Bodom, Scheepers, Michael Monroe, Twinspirits, Enbound, Blackfield, M.Ill.Ion.


Short Cuts

Syn Ze Sace Tri, Septic Flesh, Von Hertzen Brothers, Heartland, Between The Buried And Me, Black Spiders, Seethe, Graveyard, Basement Torture Killings, Days Of Anger, Joe Bonamassa, Rival Sons, Benedictum, Samandriel, Sacrarium, Baton Rogue Morgue, Waking The Cadaver, Dance Gavin Dance, As Likely As Not, Bonafide, Astral Doors, Underoath, Doomsword, Shroud Of Despondency, My Inner Burning, Billion Dollar Babies, Six Reasons To Kill, Appearance Of Nothing, Nightmare, Balfor, Rancor, 8-Is, Sons Of Seasons, Cruachan, Hellfighter, Jolly, Mingmen, Benighted, Finally Deceased, Vicious Rumours, Pushking, A Day To Remember, Call Off The Search, Backstage Heroes, Dark Reflexions, Electric Furnace, Gripper/The Destructors, Human Void, Withering Soul, Karnival Korpus, Blood Meridian, Kingdom Come, Twilight’s Embrace, Wolfchant, Road To Kansas, Lake Of Blood, Ygodeh, Burning Kingdom, Hinsides, Whispers Of Fate, Francis Rossi, John Waite, Ruled By Reason, Wishbone Rattle, Paul Young, Laughing In The Face Of, Onslaught, Vintersorg, Winterhorde, Tuck From Hell, Silver Lake, Woebogone Obscured, Decoder, Myland, Unit 9, Ravenwoods, Golliwog, Rival Sons, Speed Limit, Disintegrate, Presto Ballet, Tainted Grace, Demonaz, Rotten Sound, Speak Your Heart, Tangent Plane, American Hollow, Ginger Trees, Suidakra, Seth.Ect, Abraham, Saille, The Wolves, Bloodiest, Nashville Pussy, Whyte Ash, Rock Bunnies, Starcastle, Godsized, Marillion, Moonsorrow, No Gravity, Le Reverie, Drowned In Flames, Gorgasm, Encore, Kill The Captain, Grinspoon, Rob Zombie, Failsafe For Tomorrow, Desert Storm, Hat, Engraved Disillusion, Nox Illunis, Divine Fire, Ignition Code, MIC, Daemonlord, Fen/De Arma, Pride, Clandestine, Mother Of Sin, Neon Trees, Arafel, Armornight, Grand Sermon, Fastlane Flower, Primordial, Make Them Suffer, Thunder, Liam Davidson, The Rabbits, Death, Human Improvement Process, Kartsy, Srodek, Fireforce, Dream Of Illusion, Alessandro Cossu, Assaulter, Of Legends, The Empire Shall Fall, Last Autumns Dream, Soulful And Small, Warren Robert, Blackeyed Betty, The Eruptors/Culoa Boca, Marchmellow Overcoat, Praying Mantis, Voice Of Revenge, Mournblade, Manigance, Mygrain, The Brimstone Days, I See Stars, Symbolic, Fantasist, Adrian Dodz, Havok, Mindflow, Blut Aus Nord, Bill Lubera, You Ate My Dog, Arkan, Bane, Altar Of Plagues, Volturyon, Yaotl Mictlan, Cycle Of Pain, Protest The Hero, Alexis, The Startover, Kyoto Drive, Abacinate, Varg, The Dudes Terrific, WAIL, Coldspell, The Defiled, Forever Wednesday, Dementia, Primordial, Images Of Eden, Wakeham’s Terrortory, Pictures Of Pain, Imperial Circus, Oceano, Twisted Sister, Devastating Enemy, Hexvessel, Death Mechanism, The Color Morale, Duff Kckagan’s Loaded, Kampfar, Bad Sign.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 130
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