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Motorhead, Evergrey, Funeral For A Friend, Ten, Kyus, Voodoo Circle, Robin Beck, Vinne Paul Pro-File, Turisas, Visions Of Atlantis, Oliver Weers, Houston, Sylosis, Glamour Of The Kill, Kvelertak, Miss May I. Plus we name our Top 50 favourite albums from the last ten years.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Firewind, Gamma Ray, Breed 77, Crowbar, Shaped by Fate, Primitai, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Gregg Allman Band.



Evergrey, Shadows’ Grey, Glamour Of The Kill, Before The Dawn, Dalriada, Izegrim, Turisas, Darkest Hour, Bullet, Heavenwood, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Serenity, Funeral For A Friend, Crowbar, Visions Of Atlantis, Oliver Weers, Ten.


Short Cuts

Ava Inferi, Infinity Overture, Seven Thorns, Deadlock, Miss Behaviour, Svartsyn, Blowback, Bloody Mary, Versaemerge, Shakra, Invertigo, The Project Hate Mcmxcix, Agnostic Front, Hell In The Club, Greg Lake, Condemned, Cold Northern Vengeance, Belphegor, Across The Sun, Astrovan, Templeton Pek, The Gerorgian Skull, Ghost, Neuronspoiler, Citizen Charlie, Sirenia, Hion Martell, Ross Royce, Insidious Decrepancy, Jag Panzer, Flotsam And Jetsam, Aaron’s Agony, Promethium, Charge Of The Light Brigade, Lazarus AD, Desert, Lyraka, Grave Digger, Gotthard, Graveyard, Gay For Johnny Depp, Anomalous, Yngwie Malmsteen, Of The Archangel, The Defaced, Mongo Ninja, Lava Engine, Heathen Beast, Underdark, Impiety, Infernal War/Kriegsmaschine, Greenhouse Daze, Grondhaat, Messiah, Winter Storm, Soul Manifest, Dark Matter, Folge Dem Wind, Ghostrider, Livesay, 5Bridges, Noise Control, Spider Kickers, Inallsenses, Red Pill, Heretic, Turbo-Laser, Devourment, Royal Thunder, Deus Invictus, Element, Puteraeon, Cloverseeds, Necronoclast, Royal Republic, Zerstorer, Twelfth Night, Toxaemia, Dakrya, Transcending Bizarre?, Overdrive, Pigskin, Harkonin, Destroying Divinity, Nuclear Warfare, Central Park, Fen, Bloodshot, Chaos Calling, Amagortis, Despondency, Mountain Throne, Superbia, Saul, Assassin, Dotma, Dreams And Empires, Blood Thirsty Demons, Dirty Passion, Smoking Bird, Forgotten Tales, Day Of The Sirens, Ihresgleichen, Burzum, Brian Mcdonald Group, To Cast A Shadow, Aisles, Legion Of The Damned, Obszon Geshopf, Vinder, Ivory Night, Diabolical, Evoken, Beneath The Frozen Soil, Pavlov’s Dog, Toxic Smile, Holy Blood, Omnium Gatherum, Anal Cunt, Hollywood Killerz, Mass, Creation’s End, But We Try It, Titan’s Eve, The Zone, Abysmal Torment, Virus, Sideburn, Anger Management, Odd Dimension, The Sky Life, Illuminatus, Darkest Era, Pegasus, Quintessence Mystica, Bring Your Own Knife, Procession/Eradication, Smile And Burn, Timo Tolkki, Sideblast, Katanga, Minotaur, No Hand Path, Raw, Mean Streak, Bloodwritten, Korpiklaani, Skintrade, Skanners, Moonreich, Diamond Dogs, Fester, Danger Zone, One More Addiction, Betzefer, Obscurity, Deicide, A Life Divided, Black Sunday Dream, Bridal Procession, Voodoo Circle, Sylosis, Kill ‘Em Dead Cowboy.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 129
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