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Accept, Nevermore, Blind Guardian, Tarja, Asia, Godsmack, Edenbridge, Winds Of Plague, Enforcer, Wicked Sensation, Shining Line, Moritz, Myrath.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Kiss, Slayer, Accept, Nevermore, Primal Fear, Wishbone Ash, The Haunted, Soulfly, Anathema, Death Angel, Dan Reed, Enochian Theory, Mostly Autumn, HEAT, Rob Daiker, Neon Fly, Invisible Idols, Panic Room, Pearl, Arcadian Kicks, Puja Fasau, Japanese Voyeurs, Violent Soho, Colours Of One, Demure, The Marianna Hollow.



Vanden Plas, Nevermore, Innerwish, Void Of Silence, Mammutant, Enforcer, Witchery, Edenbridge, Asia, Enemy Of The Sun, Heavenwood, Black Tusk, Demians, Shining Line, Anathema, The Steve Miller Band, Godsmack, Wicked Sensation.


Short Cuts

Foghat, The Reasoning, Kissin’ Dynamite, Grand Magus, The More I See, The Barstool Philosophers, Io Earth, Glyder, Bad Habit, Angelus Apatrida, Saliva, Brutal Truth, Deftones, John Norum, Magnolia, Lifeless, Moth Circus, Gloominous Doom, Lethal Saint, Korzus, Nominon, Bonded By Blood, Ac/Dc, Black Majesty, Steel Maid, (Damn) This Dessert Air, Merciless Fail, Arryan Path, Pack Of Wolves, Imicus, Neverdream, Molly Hatchet, Stray, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Your Demise, H.E.A.T, Lightning Swords Of Death, Kinn, Watain, Armageddon, Wilde Starr, Nox Aurea, Colours Of One, Magnum, Cardiac Arrest, Dick Wagner, Fatal Embrace, Nekromantheon, The Seed, Fracture, Ivan And The Wolves, Lucifer Was, Section A, Thunderstone, Fell On Black Days, Jex Thoth, Eisregen, Badlands, I Am Abomination, Marillion, Pangea, The Love Crave, Those Who Lie Beneath, Cypecore, Mhorgl, Shadowside, Wild Side, Charlie Indestructible, The Morphean, Mavalour, Pertness, Colonel Blast, Dinner Auf Uranos, Sunrise, Blasphemous, Haken, Throes Of Dawn, Musica Diablo, Psy:Code, Stray, Labyrinth, The Dreaming Tree, Kingdom Of Deadmen, Aiumen Basoa, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Legion Of The Damned, Imperial State Electric, The Humour, Sideburn, Boil, Feed The Rhino, Sacred Reich, Why Intercept, Firecracker, Realmbuilder, VK Lynne, Carniwhore, Shining Fear, Primal Fear, Director’s Cat, Fen, The Fallthrough, And Hell Followed With, The Other, Crack O Dawn, Destruction, Desolate Void/The Last Van Zant/The Parish, Pictorial Wand, Shrapnel, Manstrand, Triosphere, Istapp, Opus Dei, Mosfet, Shattered Hope, Devience, This Or The Apocalypse, War From A Harlots Mouth/Burning Skies, Invisius, Charlotte, Silent Fall, This Is Hell, Skill In Veins, Welicoruss, Snew, The Way Of Purity, Royal Hunt, Eibon La Furies, After Oblivion, Crystal Viper, Bullfrog, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Severe Torture, Kid, Keep Dancing, Kottak, Low Twelve, Revivor, Dark End, Celeste, Vision, Distaste/Bastard Peels, Jane Bogaert, Life, Periphery, Dirty Sweet, Warvictims, Skull Daze, Leonardo, Mael Mordha, Fall Of Ampyrean, Core, Sotajumala/Deathchain, Misconductors, Pulled Apart By Horses, Sawthis, Ghz, Sahara Steel, Ten Second Epic, Moritz, Dan Reed, The Marianna Hollow, The Gap Year Riot, Drudkh, In Virtue, Run From Robots, Roots Of Death, Abyss Of Pain, Corruption, Kaledon, No Hawaii, Harvey Milk, Legacy, Spirytus, Zodiac Ass, The Destiny Program.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 122
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