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Slash, Judas Priest, Ratt, Rhapsody, Coheed And Cambria, FM, Panic Cell, Vain, High On Fire, Treat, Reckless Love, Serpentine, Heidevolk, Taking Dawn, Excalion, Sworn Amongst.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Europe, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Overkill, Dillinger Escape Plan, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Nashville Pussy, Bleeding Through,

Anihilated, Suicidal Angels, Savage Messiah, Cripper, Man Must Die.



Ereb Altor, Ratt, Coheed And Cambria, Dark Tranquility, Reckless Love, Heidevolk, Taking Dawn, Zuul, Auras, Crazy Lixx, Treat, Carach Angren, Excalion, Panic Cell, Valkyrja, Noctiferia, Bison Bc.


Short Cuts

Votum, Lower Than Atlantis, Fear Factory, Freedom Call, Armored Saint, Kaipa, Candlemass, Deep Purple, Affliction Gate, Affordable Hybrid, Timesword, Falling Red, Fatalist, Edge Of Forever, Plank, Callejon, Sanctuary, Bleeding Through, Aspera, Capilla Ardiente, Titan, Cyril Achard, Eldorado, Xiren, Fozzy, S-E-X, Furyon, Brilliant Coldness, Virgin Snatch, Catamenia, Brother Firetribe, The Retaliation Process, Neverland, Aeternam, Andre Matos, Marshan, Kevin Lee And The Kings, Barren Earth, Echoes, Battalion, Humungous D, Diabolic Force, Dillinger Escape Plan, Eversin, The Graviators, A Torn Mind, Red Letter Merchant, Rise To Fall, Laments Of Silence, Borknagar, Mia Hope, Dark Throne, Bazooka, Kkoagulaa, Nihil Novi Sub Sole, Abscess, Forcentury, Antares Predator, Hungry And The Hunted, Barn Burner, Mutiny Within, Hansel, Kalmah, Charly Sahona, The Glitterati, Autumn Hour, Scrim, Spider Rockets, The Ocean, Suicide Tuesday, Rootwater, Oblivious, Jayce Landberg, Meleeh, Commandment, Shoot The Breeze, The Milestones, Embryo, Igneous Human, Autumnal Reaper, Hawkwind, Royal Jester, Jelonek, Snakebite, Black Wreath, Famous Class, Mattsson, Masquerage, Diesel Down, Indyus, Pandea, All Time Low, As Memory Dies, Painside, Demonica, Mastermind, Marty Friedman, Nazareth, Helloween, Adrenicide, Nesseria, Proghma-C, Sunroad, Djvara, Burzum, Negura Bunget, Sententia, Kenai, Emberstorm, Svartsot, Woolgather, Reverend Kill, Black River, Fates Warning, The Reggie Knighton Band, Balance, Trillion, Overkill, The Bonesmen, Deathloch, Saints Of Eden, Primitive Graven Image, Sammath, Serotonal, Die Chihuahua Die, Tunnel, The Wounded Kings, Myrah, Disdain, V/A – Kerbdog Tribute, Sinbreed, Futures, Derdian, Unleashed, Aceldama, Doom Dogs, Infestation, Everything We Left Behind, Cryonic, Ambassador Gun, The Jade, Final Gravity, Werewolf, Shirukume, Year Long Disaster, The Knockouts, Pressure Points, Therapy?, Traktor, Razorwire, PG Lost, Living Corpse, Hellish Crossfire, De Profundis, Be Persecuted, Persefone, Absdden, Be’lakor, The Dust Connection, Smirnov, Hovercraft Pirates, Xodiack, Maleficio, Wuthering Heights, Woe Of Tyrants, Scalping Screen, We’ll All Be Heroes, Fuel Blooded, Ikuinen Kaamos, Opeth, Kenos, Six Magics, Wyldsky, Glass Hammer, V/A – Heart Breakers Vol 2, Angst Skvadron, Metsatoll, The Stranglers, Kataklysm, Opera Ix.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 119
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