Issue 115


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Steel Panther, WASP, Ace Frehley, Yes, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Winger, Steve Hackett, New Found Glory, Soil, Ensiferum, Lita Ford, Grand Design, Schelmish, Nico’s Alchemy.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Primal Fear, Stratovarius, Mr Big, Theory Of A Deadman, Evile, Skindred, Anaal Nathrakh, Stryper, Tankard, Panic Cell, Trigger The Bloodshed, Fukpig, Morgue Orgy, Damnas, Doctor Death, Mutant, Speed Theory, Kik, Gundogs, Gotekl, Last 3 Victims, Little Tremors, Flesh Eating Foundation, A Glass Diamond.



Rammstein, Hypocrisy, Brainstorm, WASP, Echoes Of Eternity, Nervecell, Epica, Fu Manchu, Soil, Marduk, Grand Design, Schelmish, Ensiferum, Scar Symmetry, Redemption.


Short Cuts

Silent Memorial, Opthalmia, Within Temptation, Destruction, Clairvoyants, Cooper Inc, Trick Or Treat, Full Scream Ahead, Mean Streak, Ron Bolton Band, Nine Black Alps, Exeter, An Ocean Between Us, Cautiva, Toja, Funeral For A Friend, Karnivool, Dreamland, Birds Of Tokyo, The Psychics, The Revolting Cocks, Notanumber, Senser, Sucioperro, Nightmare, Hollow Sun, Spiritual Demise, West Of Sunset, Aor, The_Network, Naughty Boys, Grind-O-Matic, The Order, Olde York, Contracrash, Amon Amarth, Pump, Altaria, Paradox, Metalium, Andy Fraser, Ravage, Electric Eel Shock, Sinergy, Mob Rules, Akuma, Sanchez, Future Is Tomorrow, Hjallarhorn, Dycian Maze, Mystic Prophecy, Love Hate Hero, Stuka Squadron, Brunorocks, Believe, Vanity Blvd, Forgotten Roots, Wretched Soul, Belladonna, Acid Drinkers, Astharoth, Voyager, Atra Mors, Agonyst, Holy Cross, Sound Storm, New Dawn, Nephu Huzzband, Bowling For Soup, Salute, Internal Conflict, Ad Inferna, Kataleptic, Hellish War, Fumbles In Life, Firenote, Turbo, Eye, Dead Flesh Fashion, Optimystical, Elektradrive, Devar, Taake, Gunner Sgt, Paalmer, Glass Spires, Tracie Hunter, Adust, Ted Nugent, Khigh, Primordial, The New Saints, Illuminatus, The 11th Hour, Naked, Itchy Poopzkid, Raunchy, Rozz, Survivors Zero, Frozen Rain, Black Label Society, Rx Bandits, At Vance, The Dead Lay Waiting, Jaded Heart, Pink Cream 69, Arkona, Razor Fist, She Hit Me First, Third Bullet, Slave Zero, Nixa, Children Of Bodom, Gojira, Switch Opens, The Flare-Up!, At The Farewell Party, Big Rocket, Kings Of Modesty, Antiproduct, Red Circle, Mr Big, Multiball, Winger, House Of Heavy.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 115
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