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Zakk Wylde, Sammy Hagar, Doro, Sepultura, Hammerfall, Deathstars, It Bites, Power Quest, Vengeance, Swallow The Sun, Frost, Five Finger Death Punch, Tall Stories, RC2.



Twenty top metal tunes from: Doro, Vengeance, Saxon, Five Finger Death Punch, Grave Digger, Violent Divine, Adagio, The New Black, Takara, Emergency Gate, Gentlemen’s Blues Club, Bad Habit, Kreator, Die Kur, Iron Fire, Sepultura, Ekpyrosis, Southern Extremity, Spasticator, Taurus And Pisces.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Alter Bridge, Twisted Sister, Thunder, Opeth, Extreme, Black Stone Cherry, Funeral For A Friend, Altamont Never Say Die Tour, Airbourne, Golden Earring, Wednesday 13, Stone Gods, Damnation Festival, Apocalyptica, Destruction, Danny Vaughn, Anathema, Satyricon, Debauchery, Sabaton, Enslaved, Power Quest, Gamma Bomb, Hot Leg, Kill Hannah, August Burns Red, Shaped By Fate, Fei Comodo, Swallow The Sun, Guns On The Roof, Bonded By Blood, Sworn Against, Logan, The Grail Knights, Suicide Silence, As Blood Runs Black, Abigail Williams, Dear Superstar, Loathe, Life Denied, Slab, Audrey Horne, Krakow, Concept Of Time, Heavens Basement, Demians, Scared To Death, Adrenaline, Godsize, Slab, Aceldama, Neonfly.



Voodoo Circle, Frost, Saxon, Tarja, Sirenia, Elvenking, Deathstars, Adagio, Edguy, Sepultura, Lordi, Iron Fire, Magica, Five Finger Death Punch, Born From Pain, Legion Of The Damned.


Short Cuts

Guns N’ Roses, Man Raze, Death Chain, Malpractice, Pantheist, Alestorm, The Computers, Manzana, Viking Skull, Karmakanic, Lifescreen, Lethargy, Lost Legion, Havanna Heat Club, Sss, Left Side Brain, Darkthrone, Behemoth, Octane Gypsy, Unearth, Lucky Funeral, Motive, Places Of Power, Kenai, Kreator, Elffor, Mudvayne, Griffin, Butch Walker, Lost Weekend, Thurisaz, Presto Ballet, October Tide, Kiuas, Lynn Stokes & Sol Surfers, Eyefear, An Early Cascade, Mykvar, The Very End, Noflag, Kenelis, Deadlock, Severenth, Airless, Veil Cassini, Vreid, Dead Or American, Infinity, Bad English, As Eden Burns, Kerbenok, Serial Obsession, Mindflow, Takara, Borealis, Jeff Scheetz Band, Winterstrain, Fizgig, Bad Habit, Sikh, Ten Years After, The Masked Musician, Cream Pie, Son Of Eric, Rewiring Genesis, Sevendust, The Puritan, Estuary, Hope, Faceshift, Tankard, Apocalyptica, The Reckoning, Steve Wilson, Ufo, Badmouth, Secret Sphere, Sin7sins, Vii Gates, Spasticator, Emergency Gate, The Belonging, Finntroll, Cerebral Fix, Napalm Death, The 69 Eyes, Vision Divine, Cinders Fall, Caamora, Scott Weiland, Lemon Bird, Urbandux, Trash Fashion, Taurus & Pisces, Left To Bleed, Diamond Drive, Fate Warning, Hauk, Jack Foster Iii, Kinetic Control, Driving Forward, Seven Steps To The Green Door, Eli, Cornerstone, Apocalyptic Visions, David Cross Band, Satanist, Titus Gein Vs Hey Enemy, The Eternal, Fear Of Flying, Cursed As Angels, Novembre, Treachery, Hiatus, Blue Bullet, Twisted Sister, Left To Vanish, Rick Springfield, Stuck Mojo, Molly Hatchet, Hard, Crowpath, Arkona, Phobia, Unitopia, Maelstrom, You Me At Six, Leif Edling, Paragon Belial, Bison B.C., Lyin Rampant, Silver Dollar, Threshold Sicks, The Modern Age Slavery, Order Of Ennead, V/A – Guitar Idol 2008, Anberlin, Ephel Duath, Cobra/Autograph, Anathema, Tadashi Goto, Severed Saviour, Another Life, Eldritch, Votum, Doro, Infernophobic, Tall Stories, This Haven, Six Feet Under, Fartherpaint, Paganizer.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 106
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