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Trivium, 3 Doors Down, Evergrey, TNT, Destruction, Sonic Syndicate, Honeymoon Suite, Amon Amarth, Battlelore, Peter Friestedt, Devil’s Gift, Shineth.



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, I Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Bloodstock, Metal Mayhem Tour (Usa), Judas Priest, Heaven And Hell, Testament, Boston, Nashville Pussy, Warbringer.



Destruction, Sinner, Motorhead, Swallow The Sun, Eclipse, Todd Rundgren, Evergrey, Battelore, All Shall Perish, Black Succubi, Falconer, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Kampfar, Motley Crue.



Kaledon, Queen & Paul Rodgers, Warhammer, Mnemonic, Dorp, Canvas Solaris, Sahara Hotnights, F5, Harmony, Pyramaze, Enslaved, Machiavellian, Eureka Machines, Svartkraft, Bahimron, Valinor, Civet, Dive, Austrian Death Machine, Planethard, Ramos/Hugo, Cosmosquad, Ligeia, Vinc Project, James Labrie, Polysics, Piel De Serpiente, Empyros, Leatherwolf, Everything On Red, Wired Desire, Eisbrecher, Honeymoon Suite, I Hate Kate, Desilence, Moonsorrow, Gary Moore, Glyder, Revenge, Molly Hatchet, Jc Cinel, Artas, Dolium, Peter Friestedt, Bullet, Eysaw, All The Way Rider, Mirror, Fables Last Stand, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Stos, Holy Ghost Revival, Anima, Ratbone, Systematic Soul Deadening, Empyrios, Nyktalgia, Dagoba, Terasbetoni, Tenth Planet, Metal Church, Robbie Dupree, Straightjacket, Core Of Nation, Tular, Guns On The Roof, Scamp, Laid In Ashes, The V-Rats, Holy Moses, Misery Signals, Zombie Death Stench, Disloyal, Devils Gift, Clouds, Nya, Krackerjack, The Tempus, Blindfolds Aside, The Dirty Youth, Naughty Boys, Steelheart, City 13, Ibogaine, Malevolent Creation, Raise Hell, Just Fuzz, Joe Lynn Turner, Severe Zero, Children Of Bodom, Nebiros, Edgar Winter, Phil Vincent, Pron G, Zebrahead, Obituary, Reissue, Phazm, Fallen Silver, Tangaroa, Dirty Shadow, Angel, Winterland, Chronical Diarrhoea, Achila, Suicidal Tendencies, There For Tomorrow, Goldblade, Stonegard, Subway To Sally, Burn Down Rome, Igut, Requiem Laus, V/A – This Is Thrash, Destructors666/The Ruined/Punkyrebelmedia, Teaser, Pavic, Tnt, Roos The Boss, Pro-Pain, The River Phoenix, Miseration, The Human Abstract, Metallica, Ephrat, Sideburn, P.O.D, Decadence, Ross The Boss.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 103
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