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Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach, Extreme, Seether, Blackmore’s Night, Tony Harnell, Black Stone Cherry, Scar Symmetry, Dreamtide, Winterlong, Venice, Greg Hart, What’s In A Name?



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Journey, Queensryche, Tom Petty, Dio, Ratt, John Parr, Funeral For A Friend, Glenn Hughes, Girlschool, Mustasch, Morbid Angel, Stone Gods, In Case Of Fire, Babylon Bombs, Dying Fetus, Anterior, Burning Skies, Hell N’ Diesel, The More I See, Say Anything, Theoktony, Blood Island Raiders, Godsized, Mantra, Hate Eternal, Cephalitic Carnage, Skeletonwitch, Man Must Die, Big Linda, Ghost Fest, London Deathfest.



Seether, Alice Cooper, Scar Symmetry, Sebastian Bach, Demians, Blackmore’s Night, Dreamtide, Black Stone Cherry, Ameseffer, Waylander, Chrome Division, Extreme, Equilibrium, Hydrogyn.



Appearance Of Nothing, Therion, Soulfly, Helheim, [Sub]Nova, Grave Robber, Marcello-Vestry, Newbreed, Expedition Delta, Daylight Dies, Wiser Time, Tri-State Corner, Rev Theory, Arthemis, Chaosweaver, Enemy Is Us, Powderhog, Element, To The Bone, Amberian Dawn, Simon Says, Saints Of Ruin, Pleasure Dome, Vantage Point, The Humour, Nefesh, Finntroll, Bride, Deborah Bonham, Whitesnake, Hammerfall, Shinedown, Confusion Gods, The Rotted, N[Nine], James Hamer Band, One Way Mirror, Alghazanth, Sacrum, Vader, Shadow Of Soul, Singularity, Wonderfools, Fidget, Black Light Burns, Tarot, Soundshok, Harvey Milk, The More I See, Parachutes, Deicide, Cold Spell, Sixty, Say Anything, Ronni Le Tekro, Destructors666/Dirty Love, Rose Tattoo, V-Project, Raunchy, The Dead Lay Waiting, Sotjamala, Trip Fontaine, Bloodbath, Witchsorrow, Moongarden, Urn, Invisigoth, John 5, Rattlesnake, Keep Of Kalessin, Sarasin A.D., Another Black Day, Pyorrhoea, Wrecking Crew, Gypsy Rose, Cult Of Luna, Ghost Circus, From The Inside, By Blood Alone, Carcass, Arkan, Saints Of The Underground, Verjnuarmu, Billy Idol, Eric Martin, Desmond Child & Rouge, Touch, Horde, Eden Sands, Straight To Your Face, La Ira De Dios, 10 Years, Cubical Sphere, Annihilator, Another Black Day, The Alarm, Addiction Crew, Exhorder, Solefald, Warpath, Prong, Andwhitestars, Esoteric, Shade Empire, Alev, Molly Hatchet, Shining, Calabrese, Osada Vida, Bo-Peep, White Wolf, Dark Sanctuary, Mikke; Schack Band, Brutality, Dark End, Finger Eleven, Metal Church, Candlesmass, Pestilence, Between The Screams, Akphaezya, Her: Enemy, Brant Bjork, Stone Gods, K.O.Kaine, Many Things Untold, Starbreaker.


Powerplay Magazine Issue 101
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