When a rock guitarist does a solo album, it generally falls into one of three camps. First there are the shredders, those who want to try and get as many notes as is (in)humanly possible into every minute of music. Then there are the experimentalists, those who want to use […]

Ed Dampier

A Day With a Hack, An Evening With Anvil As soon as UK tour dates in support of Anvil’s new album, “Juggernaut of Justice” were announced, I behaved exactly like fanboy that I am and bugged our esteemed editor to let me be the Powerplay writer to cover them this […]


All of us will be fans of a band who we think should have been huge but for one reason or another never really made an impact.This is despite releasing records and putting on live shows that were far superior to the more successful bands of the time. Whether it […]

Black ‘N Blue

If you ever prodded a black-gloved finger into the murky world of the UK goth scene during the mid-nineties, chances are you’ll already know the name 13 Candles. Their sinister music and vampiric aesthetic was an acknowledged influence on a fledging Cradle Of Filth, while their albums on Nightbreed and […]

13 Candles

Tell us about how the band got together… Aeon of Horus was started in mid-2006 by our drummer, Ben Hocking. The driving force behind the band’s formation was a desiretochallenge ourselves as musicians, both creatively and technically. We had each played in a number of bands prior to Aeon of […]

Aeon of Horus

It is fair to say that the UK has been resting on its laurels and relying on past glories for too long. This Fair Isle may be lauded by many as the birthplace of prog or at the very least one of the galloping frontrunners thanks to bands like Pink […]


Rising Korean Extreme Metal with a British Flavour – Ross Baker Hailing from Busan, South Korea and featuring a Canadian on drums and a British-born vocalist of Polish and Jamaican descent, Fatalfear’s slamming melodic death metal has a truly international flavour. It’s one thing to come up as an underground […]